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    Hello there, my name is Alexander and im fron Greece.I had no previous experience with such stuff as one might say.Two year ago i was rly stressed,had anxiety issues as well as some hormonal (based on what my endocrinologist said).I visited a psychiatrist and later a psychologist after the endrocrinologist promted me cause the hormonal imbalance said was due to psychological issues nad stress (like a lot).Nevertheless i did some therapy but it didnt rly help,they also said i had back then some form of depression.anhdonia and a thing that i felt life as it was a dream whilst awake (im sorry but ican recall the exact term).So after all that i did some reasearch myself regarding nutritional therapies on the intrnet and began expiramenting stuff which kinda helped ( a lot ix ould say).Other that than i changed my diet and overcomed a porn addicton i used to have ( ithink)..Then because among other things i had some insomnia related to stress i think, iread somewhere that meditation could help u relax and then sleep.So i did and then strange things began occur.At the first night some movements which rly scard me ( i though i was possesed or smhting) then yoga like stances,symbols (with) the hands,strange dreams,feminr like dance etc etc Now a year after and after having followed some advice relating to that im having some problems (like allergies,losing weight (at some point) etc) and i was wondering if anybody could u hellp me one way or another cause i rly dont know what is this and id like also to have some more spherical viewSo thanks in advance and have a happy good year!