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  1. Potent Systems

    Hi steve So what is you opinion of the spiritual device that you were using to manifest desires. And have you tries mixing FP, SYG, 690AD etc with some other system like TTP basic 31 or 5 Petal Plum. I am just getting a hunch that a powerful Doo wai art mixed with these will be very powerful
  2. Potent Systems

    Hi steve, What was the spiritual device that you are using to manifest desires. The guide who shows the path is more important than the path.......
  3. Potent Systems

    It isnt on his web site either. Most probably he doesnt sell it anymore
  4. Potent Systems

    For me the comparasion would be the first static meditation form of Bak Fu SYG by Gary Hearfield. It starts giving me energy effects within 2-3 minutes of just sitting. Thats the most powerful and easiest authentic qigong I have experienced. If something is more powerful than that, I'll be definitely interested. Have you done it yourself? The marketing seems too unbelievable

    anybody doing this right now?
  6. Potent Systems

    So how good is Alamin's stuff, Taoist monk Qigong and Neikung 1-2-3? To me it seems he gathered a lot of things from here and there. No idea how good this syncretic system is going to be
  7. Hi, What are the difference in physical objectives and energies cultivated by these traditional internal forms. Taichi Hsing I Bagua zhang Liu He Ba Fa I chuan
  8. In many different qigong meditations and sitting practice meditations, there are visualizations/movements to gather norht star or big dipper energy. What exactly is the energetic or psychic significance of polaris or big dipper? Does it give some unique chi that is better than the solar chi? Why not other stars or planets?
  9. Planning about it. Going to start it pretty soon. Ofcourse my mileage will be unique to me, I just wanted to gauge the difference in effects of practicing GOT with and without the transmission.
  10. How far can one go in self healing (physical-emotional-mental), if one only practices the DVDs (GOT1, GOT2, SECA) with out lineage energy or workshop.
  11. New healer on the scene?

    so will you decribe a bit, about the results. Were they only physical/energetic, or mento-emotional too? The description on his website are pretty amazing.
  12. New healer on the scene?

    Has anybody worked with distant healers, like Michael Lomax or Adam Shifman? How did it go? Or any other recommendation?
  13. hi

    It was very quick. I thought it'll take a few days or so. Good omen....I hope so. Thanks
  14. hi

    Thanks for the quick response
  15. hi

    HI I have been reading these forums for a long time, and now I have finally made an account. I have been doing Flying Phoenix Qigong for some time with some buddhist meditation. Thankyou