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  1. Hi, wanted to ask Drew a question

    Ha, yeah. Took me about 3 seconds to recognize his style of writing and do a little checking. Thanks though. Appreciate it. Will contribute later. Still doing a few experiments before asking questions.
  2. Hi, wanted to ask Drew a question

    Old member. Could only log in with Facebook, not via my old name FixXxer1845. Got some breakthroughs and once again was fascinated how I'm traveling the same road as Drew. So I came back.
  3. My first full lotus experiences

    I actually have been getting more flexible than I thought. When I tuck in my left leg first I can quite easily last 20-30 minutes. It's primarily the boredom (and a somewhat kyphotic back) that prevents me from sitting in this meditative posture. And I cheat, of course. My foot is kept in place relatively high because my pants prevent it from slipping down. Without pants this foot slides from my thigh. But this way works just fine. The last few days I've just been lying down with a headphone on, listening to lengthy podcasts and interviews. While doing this I do Chunyi Lin's microcosmic orbit/small universe meditation. Occassionally I push the energy through the central channel. A really powerful meditation. After about a hour I start getting all kinds of spasms. Seems to me that the longer you a meditation in one sitting, the more effective it is. So when Drew syas Chunyi Lin sat in full lotus for weeks, I actually think that's way more effective than doing (already very impressive) two hour full lotus sessions. Did do full lotus combined with microcosmic orbit while leaning back in a few pillows and a big hard pillow underneath my feet. Very relax. Will have to wait if I notice a difference from just lying down regularly.
  4. My first full lotus experiences

    Damn, just now I'm looking for answers. Well, not to worry. I'll get Drew back... I summoned him once. I'll try again. *Goes to woods, draws a circle, makes fire* :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: I conjure thee, O former disciple of Chunyi Lin! I summon thee, eclectic expert of the full lotus! I evoke thee from the corner of the room where you're meditating! Come to us now! Amen... That should do it.
  5. My first full lotus experiences

    Maybe I will, we'll see. Prefer to have all the info in one topic. Maybe Drew has a temporary burnout or painful fingers from posting almost 250 lengthy posts a month. Just checked out where you started from, Mantis: My own flexibility has hardly improved. One side is still quite a bit more flexible. Quit doing full lotus for a few weeks though. Tried it yesterday while watching Sons of Anarchy. Can't really enjoy anything when sitting in full lotus. But after 15 minutes I got my typical spasms again. Don't know if that's related to full lotus. Did notice that soon after I began full lotus my nose felt a lot warmer. That went away again in recent weeks when not practicing. Will keep an eye on that too now that I'm gonna practice more again.
  6. My first full lotus experiences

    Drew, you wrote that you always get an internal climax 1,5 hours into you full lotus sessions. I was wondering if you also get this while sitting in full lotus when watching television or doing other stuff - i.e. not focusing on the tan tien or on emptiness. That brings up the next question: what do you focus on usually when you get those climaxes? Thanks.
  7. My first full lotus experiences

    That's an interesting thought. Could be that the moving of yin and yang (which is also the name of the exercise) is causing a magnetic field to be created. I remember that especially when one of my hands reached the top of my head, it was pushed way out. Very strong sensations. Definitely not imaginary. But on other occassions there was a small pull towards the body, I believe where there were/are a few blockages. So I suspect there's more to it.
  8. My first full lotus experiences

    Interesting, I remember that way back when I did the Moving of Yin and Yang that after 30-40 minutes I began feeling a magnetic field pushing to and attracting the palms of my hands at different points (that took a bit more time when doing it off my back and it always was more subtle that way). I told Chunyi about my experience and asked him what that magnetic feeling was. His answer was something expected: "Interesting, interesting. Very good. Keep practicing." Damn, do I hate not knowing EXACTLY what happens in my body when doing specific forms of qigong. Would love to have a device that measures how full each of my tan tiens is. Anyway, you're saying chi feels magnetic. That that is kind of interesting. Also asked around what the extreme and intense cold feelings were in my palms and around the places I was working on in the beginning - especially the head. It went away after many hours, making place for warmth. Nobody seems to REALLY know what that is. That cold felt like a cold mist hanging around my head and chest. Could literally push the cold around with my palms after 20-30 minutes. Always assumed it was either stuck yin energy or cold negative emotions and that it was probably tied to both the aura and the meridian points (makes sense, both linked to emotional state). But I beginning to think here that even people as Chunyi don't really know all the details of the different sensations. What is for certain though is that the PALMS clearly were CONVERTING that energy. But what I never understood was that the COLD seemed to move DOWN my arms towards my palms (laogong). Haven't felt that anymore after the initial weeks, so that's where my research ends on that. Also, the qigong is/was not powerful enough to release big knots and blockages which (very heavy) acupressure could release in a matter of minutes (after which the reorganization process takes a few hours, which regularly woke me up at night through spontaneous movements). Working with the palms goes deeper and seems to manipulate fields around the body. But acupressure can much more quickly remove "dams" in the meridian "rivers", at least for most people.
  9. My first full lotus experiences

    Makes sense if a person's flexibility is indeed controlled by the nervous system, which I believe it is. The muscles already have the ability to stretch very far, but the nervous system won't allow. So when a large dose of qi is flowing through the body I assume it can override the control mechanisms on flexibility. However, I'd still go with practicing, pure physical flexibility. Everything else is a nice addition. As for the spirit stuff of Chunyi Lin I asked, still not clear what he means by "the spirits" as there seem to be many. And I get the impression from you they are something to be feared - which is something I'd always ignore personally.
  10. My first full lotus experiences

    Thanks Drew, for the spirit stuff, but wat I was primarily interested in knowing why the spirits wouldn't be happy with Jim Nance spreading his experiences with qigong. My guess is Nance never told you or Chunyi never told Nance, but it's worth a shot to try and ask...
  11. My first full lotus experiences

    Yeah Sonhoffman, I figure Chunyi wouldn't launch a national media campaign to promote Spring Forest with Drew "I-practice-SFQ-porn" Hempel as its centerpiece: "Listen everyone, I practice Spring Forest Qigong under Chunyi Lin and you know what I can do? I can create mutual orgasms with young and old girls in public just by sitting in full lotus as taught by Chunyi! ... Let me tell you about this one time that a cat was pointing her ass to me on purpose to suck up my jing juice - just as that young girl yesterday who was sitting on purpose with her legs opened towards me. She too was sucking me off like that - and while she was with her father. Oh damn, I just farted big time because of this qigong stuff. It smells so incredibly bad! Sorry!" Damn... wait a minute... SFQ would actually become the most popular thing around... Within no time you'll find people sitting in lotus everywhere. Damn pervs! Interesting. Did Chunyi also explain why the spirits don't like that? Kind of curious.
  12. My first full lotus experiences

    Seriously Drew, how much does Chunyi pay you for promoting his stuff?