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  1. Male Problems

    I have as of late been experiencing a few problems in the bedroom (maintaining erection and delaying orgasm/ejaculation). Though I'm not in my best possible shape or level of fitness, I am reasonably confident that my problem isn't a physiological one. The other day, my girlfriend and I became intimate after I spent about 20 minutes in meditation followed by a brief recitation of the Guan Yin chapter of the Lotus Sutra. That night, I was able to perform splendidly, bringing my girlfriend to satisfying peaks of pleasure. Yesterday brought another story. I spent 15 minutes pleasuring her orally so as to prepare her for penetration; yet, I was only able to last for about 5 minutes of continuous thrusting (embarrassing I know). Would you guys be able to recommend any simple practices to increase one's sexual vitality or longevity? Meditation and disciplining my mind is obviously at the top of my list of remedies, but I thought I would pose the question to the community for additional resources/suggetions. I didn't have a wealth of time to make this post, so I will have to add details later. Feel free to ask for any piece of information you think might aid you in your diagnoses however. Thank you.
  2. An Introduction

    Greetings to you all. I am both honored and greatly enthused at the opportunity to participate in this community of spiritual seekers. Thank you for having me. My name is Robert, and I am a man in search of The Answer. I affectionately label the thing at the end of the path (if such an end exists) The Answer becasue for me spirituality is simply the quest that each man undertakes to find solutions to life's most pressing questions. Why am I here? What is my purpose if any? What happens after I die? What happened before I was born? These are the curiosities that have compelled me to enter the realm of the mysterious, but I confess that I have not always, if ever, done so gracefuly. As my handle suggests, I've walked a rather haphazard path toward The Answer. I was a cradle Christian, and I more or less stuck with that path until the typical teenage crisis brought me to other wordlviews. I then bounced all around the spiritual landscape until I landed in the East where I adopted tenets of Buddhism and Taoism into my worldview. Now, I exist in a strange but comforting amalgamation of those traditions as I struggle to find my Way. Hopefully you guys won't mind my pestering you for advice along the way!