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  1. Hello

    Born in CT, lived a lot in Jo'burg, but now in Europe! I am amazed that a South African managed to track down this system. It is the best thing ever Thanks and I wish you a fantastic experience with FPCK as well
  2. Hello

    Welcome, from a fellow South African!
  3. Newcomer says hello

    Welcome, Zina. May you find what you need.
  4. Genuine or Mind made (Fake): feeling, experience...?

    You know, your question is really interesting. I was looking back at your original question and you were speaking about the misinterpretation of your experience. I will approach this from another angle. You can never know how "real" your experience is in relation to what it "should" be until it happens. It is like someone asking "when do I know I love someone for real". You ironically using your mind to interpret "no-mind" is the start of a process. You have identified that your awareness was not where you thought it was. In my experience of meditation, with practice, we move in stages like this and each time we reach a new level of understanding, we get frustrated at not having grasped something fast enough. We think "next time might be the right time". But it stays just relative to the previous stage, at best an awareness of yet another flaw in our perception. Until the day we stop caring about the outcome and we just let go. Then boom! We forget we are a person and we realise the control center does not exist at a level that our mind can perceive. Even the non-physical bodies are dependant on a collective ensemble of much more powerful energies. After that either everything matters or nothing matters and that is where the real work kicks in and we have to find a reason to appreciate the physical body we are in so that our mind can survive. After all, it is the precious tool that allows us to interpret our environment. As long as you think no-mind is something you need to perceive with your mind, you will repeat the experience you had. No-mind is not an experience, because the you that you think you are is not the active party. No-mind is surrender.
  5. Genuine or Mind made (Fake): feeling, experience...?

    Nailed it. Real is only a prejudice based on past experience (conditioning).If we truly accept the now, we do not question its validity. I think that the basics of growth/actualisation start with self-trust. If you accept ALL of your mind's constructs as part of your reality, you will start seeing a pattern in the relationship between the events in the different dimensions and get a stronger hold on the "tangible" world, as well as integrate your various bodies. My first question to you regarding the "is it real" question is this: why does it matter so much to you? Could it be a question of the illusion of the location of your control center?
  6. Genuine or Mind made (Fake): feeling, experience...?

    In my humble opinion, the question is not "is it real?" but "how is this relevant to me?" "Is it symbolic in the very least of something I need to pay attention to?" You know, the mind plays many tricks and even the most "tangible" elements we perceive only matter in the sense that it applies to us and our growth. So even the most "unreal" experience is here to teach us something. Real has stopped mattering to me because I have found it more important to ask "does it matter?" And if so, "why?" Real has even almost lost its meaning to me. Because I can perceive it, it is real. Now, in which dimension is it real? Who cares? Hope this helps.
  7. Energy 'blockages' causing health problems

    Try a Skype session with Eric Isen.
  8. The Now and the Sub-nows ?

    No. It is much faster and longer than a shudder and doesn't move around. Sounds like a rocket taking off but on a lower pitch.
  9. The Now and the Sub-nows ?

    Not always. But more often than not I see clouds. Sometimes "shadow people". Sometimes bundles of light. At one stage I would see lots of vortices as far as the eye could see. It really depends. A few months back four faces floating above my head in the bed. But I would say there are dark clouds pretty much everywhere and they have a life and intelligence of their own and can move extremely fast. But I would rather not talk about what is see in detail in public.
  10. The Now and the Sub-nows ?

    Hi this is so intriguing and interesting. Yin overload? Dream state? I don't know about that. Actually the thought clearly comes into my head. Like last week as soon as the vibrations came I knew for a fact I was going to see my late father and there he was, in living detail, as real as he ever was. I never feel dreamy in fact I am wide awake and bright and clear because it is usually interesting and I don't want to miss anything. I am never foggy and in fact I feel more awake and aware. Hyperaware if you know what I mean. I have had this while awake and moving. Like when there are entities who are looking at me. I sense them and make the switch in a flash. No-one seems to notice me "going". And sure as anything the person or even possibly the moving mist/cloud, is there. Now I am starting the qi gong and want to see what happens. I don't know when it is not possible as I try not to force as a rule. If I ever do make this into a practice, I do intend documenting the calendar of ability though. Why? you have roused my curiosity. Please feel free to pm as I don't want to hijack the thread.
  11. The Now and the Sub-nows ?

    Yes as a western person I am painfully short of accurate words. I admire the forum participants who are so good at naming what they mean. I find it hard to draw the line between stages of consciousness. I like to not think and be blank. Mostly I like to laugh and be frivolous. But when I am lying down I have to be really tired and sleep nice and fast as I have a habit of going into hynagogia as I don't like thinking before sleeping. It must be something about the position. Even this morning I was restless in bed and the vibrations came by themselves. For me the mark of a full-on trance that leads to seeing things is the vibrating, my whole body going on like an airplane engine! Normally when I think of nothing. I don't know how it started. I do remember having vibrations and soul wanderings when I was about two years old with my cousin who was three years old. He was very wise and taught me many things. We used to share dreams. Or was it "astral projection" I don't know. But we used to hold hands to sleep, we both lived at my grandmother's place. We had another language and it was as if we could share our minds. Then one day he wanted to show me something and it was a vision of his upcoming death. We held hands and he showed me the whole thing. Then he died. I spent my life missing him. I thought I fantasised it all and asked my one cousin about him (his sister). She was much older than him. She re-confirmed everything and told me he used to give signs of his death even to his parents. In the stars and in nature. I do believe it is thanks to him that I became an explorer of consciousness. But it made me very sad and to this day I feel like a loner. Thanks to him I didn't suppress what I experienced as a child and it just grew and grew. I hated it as a teen as I had no filter whatsoever. I won't give the details on a public forum but it was stuff horror movies are made of. I went into meditation in my late teens and it died down a lot but it never did stop. Books that helped me? Wow it depends with what. I mostly liked stories of other people who had to deal with these things. Always puzzled that they seem to have their lives in order while I still don't know why I am like this and don't know what I should do with it. My booklist is extremely long maybe we could discuss it elsewhere...
  12. The Now and the Sub-nows ?

    Actually sometimes I wonder what truly is a trance as it seems one lives a thousand different states of mind in just one day...just that most people don't notice it. I notice it because I have a very strong habit of observing my mind. It is amazing how many different states of consciousness there are and how often people are entranced without realising it. You might enjoy the works of Dennis Weir, he goes very far with the rôle of trance on society.
  13. The Now and the Sub-nows ?

    Hi there Well for the most part of my life you could not say it was an escape as it happened spontaneously. I would sense something strange and automatically switch my state of consciousness. Mostly when sensing a presence in a house and trust me it was always accurate, up to a point where people were calling me to deal with presences they could no longer tolerate. For me, ordinary consciousness was an escape at that stage because my life became a living nightmare, literally. Whenever strong trauma had happened somewhere I would know all the details. I assure you I wished I could escape forever into "normal" life. It eventually toned down (those were my early years) Knowing what is out there and that it is virtually everywhere makes ordinary life comforting. When you speak about making something look real, think about what you view as reality. You know you had a dream and you say it is not real. Is that not a contradiction? You know for a fact that you experienced it. So where does it come from? Is there such a thing as the imagination when you are not conscious? Which thoughts are real and not real? If you did not invent it into being, is it not existing information? Even lucid dreaming has its limits. Some things are yours and others will not change no matter what you do in the dream. I am one of those people who believe everything is real so I am very careful of what I create and that is the value of halting thought when one can. That is also why not thinking can make me see or hear things. I create space for information that I did not invent so that what is truly there can be seen/heard. The more I silence myself, the more I hear my surroundings. I don't know where you draw the limits of trance, but for me being very still and mindful is the start of a trance. Like the state you are in when you relax on a rock in the forest and hear the birds sing. Nothing psychedelic but already enough to drift and forget your life.
  14. Thanks for the rectification I was confused as to what you were saying. I don't agree about your view on trances but it doesn't matter. Mine give me lots of clarity and help me evolve and understand many things especially the nature of matter and subjectivity of reality. It also connects me to better sources of intelligence. But maybe we are caught up in definitions of states that may not be the same so I would prefer not to debate as our visions may have been very different in nature or origin. One man's meat is another man's poison. What I am referring to is a dimensional shift that allows me to see what my physical eyes can't see.