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  1. Overwhelmed yet curious

    Greetings from the Netherlands everybody. I am a 20-something year old novice that has been 'playing around' with different practices (meditation, yoga, tai chi) for some years now. For the last couple of years I am more and more drawn to the chinese arts. My first experiences with tai chi about two years ago, although brief, were a very refreshing contrast to the yoga classes I had attended before. I really enjoyed the lack of dogma and down-to-earth realness of the practice, uncluttered by unnecessary ornamentation.. More recently my desire to take on board a regular energy-based practice like tai chi or qigong was rekindled after an intense and beautiful experience with south american shamanism, which showed me (amongst other things) the importance and awesomeness of being close to the energy flows in and around my body, and being able to regulate and control it. For the past few weeks I have been doing a daily standing practice (zhan zhuang), for lack of knowing a better place to start. I am in between houses at the moment but I intend to find a teacher as soon as I settle down somewhere for a while (any good leads on teachers in the Netherlands are welcome . As the title suggests, I am somewhat totally overwhelmed by the amount and variety of information, almost up to a point where I want to say f*** it and leave the books and computer behind and just go stand like a tree, but as it turns out my curiosity has gotten the better of me and awoken my dormant nerdyness. I look forward to exploring this lovely corner of the internet, without drowning in all the words, I hope. Compulsive information consumption can be a bit of a trap sometimes.. Ok. Bye. Talk to you soon.