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  1. Hey Michael, The mods will be voted in and out by the users so we should have some very honest and truth seeking people keeping everything in check. I do hope to have some shill protection in place, but it will mostly have to be done by the users. Nothing can be ideal, but I hope we can have a dedicated user base who will help make miramir a quality network and portal.
  2. Hello everyone! Im very pleased to join your forum and all the wonderful discussions going on here. My name is Max Sidorov, im the founder of Miramir, the first social network and portal built on privacy, freedom, and truth. I have been developing it for about 3 years, and its almost ready for launch. I think this will be welcome news to the spiritual and truth seeking communities around the world! PS. Yep. Im the same guy who raised $700k for the bullied bus monitor in New York in 2012.