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  1. Duck style kung fu

    Oke,please tell me you people are joking ........serious is this sarcasm or ?well it made me laugh so
  2. Hello !?

    ehhh een Haagenees? <oops no Dutch probably,i should read rules GOOD first before posting anymore ,but i practise Chi gong myself,and iam from Dutchland also,i asume you are
  3. Hello !?

    I hope this is the Right place to make my 1st post (the top"welcome" topic is locked) So my Introduction....or something(please forgive me for any wrong English writing) I "always" been fasinated in Taoism,and recently i baught the book"Shen Gong and Nei Dan in Da Xaun"and i can already say its gonne be the most practical/usefull book i had and prob will ever have,Every time i read a bit(wich i should be doing more)i am amazed by the knowledge/insight,now its up to me to use it to practise i hope there is a Topic about this book,for help/discussion "Xiao Yao You"