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  1. Emitting light in Shaolin practices

    First time I saw light with closed eye was when I was initiated in Reiki first level. I saw deep blue color, then green and then mixing of different colors. I was thinking, did they do some trick on me so, I open my eyes, but I was in shade and there was no direct light on me. And during self healing, when I put my hand to cover my eyes the light became even more clearer. Now, I know my third eye opened momentarily. Since then I have been emitting light from my eyes fairly regularly. But light which gets emitted involuntarily is very small in quantity and only last fraction of second like spark. It is always blue in color.
  2. Ghost immortality

    Not really expert on anything but few things that struck me here, which I will list down. 1. If everything came from one source then they definitely can return to the source including, in my humble opinion, "ghost immortals" even though it might be very difficult for them. 2. By reading these threads it seems one can infer somehow sitting meditation may lead to one becoming a a "ghost immortal" . "Practitioners who claim to be Buddhist and who practice incorrectly the techniques of quiet sitting usually end up as this type of immortal.'" This can be answered by keeping in the mind the competition between Taoism and Buddhism in ancient china and it is not unnatural to put down the technique of rival tradition to get the upper hand.
  3. Sincere call for Help

    Woodcarver: Life not sure but diet and surrounding is pretty stable. Sunshine
  4. Sincere call for Help

    Hi effilang, Sure. Please tell me how to get in touch. Sunshine
  5. Sincere call for Help

    "Would you allow me to help you OP? Let me know.." effilang Sorry was this message directed towards me?
  6. Sincere call for Help

    Dustybeijing: Thanks for your good wishes. Now coming to whether my call for help is sincere or not as I went to meet the an astrologer is concerned, I will try to explain. First of all, I have taken in all the advice given to me and I am going to apply them selectively of course. So, me waiting for one month and not trying to find the real reason do not arise. And for the sake clarity I would like to list these advice serially. 1. I should take it easy and do some grounding work as I may have lot of energy in my head causing me to see things which might be my own projections rather than some external entity attacking me. >>>I have already reduced my practice and observing myself to the best of my ability to point the possible reason for these nightmares. 2. I should do some detox and salt water baths are helpful. >>> Well I have not bought rock salt yet. But i am planning to buy it. 3. I should mentally reject the intruder (if it is external that is) and apply some protective method. >>> I am reiki second degree practitioner so, I apply power symbol when I feel vulnerable. There are other advice to but we will live it at the moment. So, we can summarize all the diagnosis into three categories. 1. The experience could be due internal agency. That is me. 2. The experience could be due to external agency. 3. Or it could be due to combination of both with one feeding of with of other. So, to solve the problem, I need to have clear mind which can be achieved by balancing energy in my head and by the help of detox. Then, I will be able to see things clearly and maybe reach the bottom of the problem. And if I see the problem as internal, the deal with it and not run from it as you put it. I thought long and hard but I think the problem is number 3, as number 2 do not come alone. I do not have any defense against 3, that's why I called out for help. I would like assure you it is very much genuine. As far as astrologer is concerned. It seems you do not believe in astrology. There are people who do not believe in taoism as well but I think you know it to be true. So, I will it at that. Sunshine
  7. Sincere call for Help

    Well Thank you guys for your help. I had said, I will keep you guys updated about my progress, here it is. I went to meet this astrologer today who knows other stuff as well. He looked into my birth charts and said, due to planetary motions I was weak so I was attacked by whatever entity. Kind of like vampirism for energy. And I was being attacked regularly for last 7-8 years. But it got worse in last one year. But he said since my planetary influence will be positive from January, I will be strong and they will be no longer able to attack me. I asked whether I can stop this before January. He tried to dissuade me from that as only two months is left. But when I insisted he said healing can be only performed on new moon day. As the new moon day just passed we have to wait for a month. And also during the healing I will know the identity of attacker, who he described as low level practitioner. And he also promised me to teach the method of healing (fingers crossed ). So, lets see what happens. Sunshine
  8. Personnal practice

    Hey I am Level 2 as well. Great.
  9. Sincere call for Help

    Thank you RigdzinTrinley and thelerner: I will try that. Actually salt water is also used for grounding negative energy in reiki. Sunshine PS: I will keep you guys posted of further development. Today I am going to meet a astrologer who seems to know few other stuff as well. Thank you
  10. Personnal practice

    Hello Arkx6, May I ask which level are you in reiki?
  11. Sincere call for Help

    Thank you everybody for reply. Gerard, Marblehead- I definitely have been practicing very hard, so I could have lot of energy in my brain and might need lot of grounding work. But my first experience of astral visitor was before I started meditation. It was in 2009, I sleeping when suddenly I saw a young girl on stairs outside my room. Then she was inside my room, and top of me. I felt I was starting to float up. I was just curious spectator in the process. I was not scared or panicking and I was definitely able to think clearly. I then thought should I get scared. Then I got really scared and woke up. I thought I knew the girl. There was a girl in college who Liked me. At that time I could not process, how even the said person could do that. I was not educated in these things and I just could not process it. I think, it's the same person and people related to her who seem to visit me and doing I do not know what. I actually at the risk of being called crazy send her message asking whether she knows magic. She would not reply, neither deny it or accept it. So, I called her and asked her flat out, but she only joked around. That was strange as I was very serious. So, I asked her then that would mean I am crazy. She went silent and ignored what I said and talked about something else. Basically she is avoiding me. I hope not because she thinks I am crazy but she seemed very relaxed. So, I do not know. Arkx6: I am also a second degree reiki healer so, I actually draw protective symbol before I go to sleep. Well not everyday but in general, when I feel vulnerable. But it do not seem to affect them. Only thing, I think that seem to affect them is my level of practice. If I have lot of practice it seems it becomes harder for them to what I do not know. Apech: Thanks, I will look into it. I actually cannot do astral travel. But I seem to be able to wake up when some astral body is around. The thought of somebody controlling my thoughts made me so angry, that I am actually trying to astral travel and teach them a lesson. Thanks everybody. Sunshine
  12. Sincere call for Help

    Hello guys, I have been having some strange things happening in life lately. I thought long and hard before trying to compose this post. It seems like I am getting visitors when I am asleep. In my opinion I am getting visits by people who can astral travel. Couple time I woke up, meaning my astral body woke up and actually talked to the person as if I knew him. The incident happened early in the morning. I saw (while I was asleep with third eye??) one guy standing inside of the door of my room. I could see the whole body of the person but the face was blurred. I actually greeted the guy as if I knew him by calling him uncle. Then I got up (my astral body ???) and next thing I know the guys is on top of me with his knees on my thigh. It hurt me (in dream??) so I called him to stop. He actually told me to stay still and shut up or he will kill me right there and then. Then I go blank not sure for how long and I woke up. The thing is, I am having similar experiences on regular basis and I do not know how to stop it. I do not know what they do to me, after I go blank. I feel violated, and as if somebody is trying to control my thought and feelings. It has got me very worried. If somebody has similar experiences and some solution which they can suggest, it would be very helpful. Thanks Sunshine
  13. Struggling Taoist Practitioner

    Thank you Horus, SonOfTheGods and thelerner. I will try that.
  14. Struggling Taoist Practitioner

    Thank you Soaring Crane and Miffymog. And Miffymog, I have practiced sun salutation but just not on regular basis. Thank you.
  15. Struggling Taoist Practitioner

    Hello, everybody!!! I am an 30 yrs old Engineer, practicing meditation for last few years. But right now, I am going through, what appears to be healing crisis. I learnt meditation on my own and I do not have any masters. So, through this forum, which I am a member through facebook, I would like to come in contact with like minded people and learn new things. My problem right now is blockage at sacral chakra which seems to be too hard for me to crack. So, if anybody could suggest me techniques to open the blockage would be very helpful. Thanks and regards, Sunshine