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  1. My experience of Xingyi quan so far

    The basics are the most important part of the practice.once upon a time people would learn 2 3 moves or things and practice these until you just got tired of them and you began to question why you weren't moving on to bigger and better things.patience is a key here as well as the faith to believe something is going on whether you know it or not.someone told me when Chen man ching was asked why his students none of them were up to his level he said ==none of them have faith.Faith in themselves,faith in the arts,faith in the teacher ,faith in the wind the more you practice earnestly correctly you will know what this means,peace and blessings
  2. hello

    Hello my name is Lloyd.I study hsing yi chuan and ba gua.I am here to discuss ,grow and learn what others know and have to impart.We can all help each other in our journey.I started studying pai lum in 1975 on the east coast in Dr pai circle.I then went on to study WU RYU SU=style of the praise dancer which is a lifelong study as the other arts are.in the 80s i began to learn shing yi chuan and ba gua and im still a grade school student. Thank you Reply