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  1. mopai

    I refuse your final warning.
  2. mopai

    Obviously he is trolling our group, I refuse stop pointing out the obvious.
  3. mopai

    As I said before a good number of us studied directly under either Jim directly. They do understand what they were taught. Please stop trolling our group.
  4. Moderation on TDBs

    The mopai skype group, no, yes.
  5. mopai

    You heard wrong. Even though the Indonesian students say 2a is only supplementary qigong exercise, we still practice it.
  6. mopai

    It was the Indonesian students who came in claiming that what we call 2a which uses horse stance was merely a supplemental qigong exercise. We do still value and practice 2a, as it was what was taught to us. I will ask again for you to please stop trolling our group.
  7. mopai

    Horse stance is not overlooked and is used to supplement the meditation.
  8. mopai

    Liao taught John, and John taught Jim. For many in our group Jim was directly our teacher. Some were students of Kosta. Horse stance is used in supplement to the meditation. Please stop trolling our group.
  9. Moderation on TDBs

    I speak for the entire group Dawei, it may be 15 years from now, but when you finally step down or are replaced, we will celebrate, every one of us.
  10. mopai

    So if I understand correctly, you know which bits Jim and Kosta misunderstood, and were able to correct their false teachings so you could practice real mopai?
  11. mopai

    Though I suspect now my account will be banned as have the others in our group, I am a member of the skype group. He will not be responding to your request. This environment is too hostile to anyone who is serious about mopai to have any form of discussion here. If mopai is something you are interested in and you can convince me you are actually serious I can see about getting you admittance to the group. Otherwise no one even if he is not banned will be answering your questions. My email is [email protected]
  12. Watching The Birds

    Speaking of birds... There was a huge number of crows I believe in my yard today. I am not talking 20 or 30, but like 300+! I think they mate this time of year. They were all over the house and the trees. It was amazing.
  13. Does anyone here have a soda addiction?

    Try drinking carbonated juice first. You are not only addicted to the sugar, but the caffeine and the additives. My brother is the same way. Once you stop, and try to drink it again, it is so bad. I haven't had any myself in 2 years.
  14. Cats feel like chakras when they purr

    A cat's purr Hz frequency stimulates the heart chakra.
  15. Sightseeing in Italy?

    Italy is one of those places where you don't intend to go unless you are in love. I know that sounds cheesy but it is true. I never wanted to go but the second I met a woman who I was madly in love with, I dreampt of going all around the world with her. So much for that haha