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  1. Ghost immortality

    Why and what? I guess FBI are being ironic.
  2. oneness

    To exemplify that further, just like human body that have many parts but those parts belong to one body.
  3. I don't have faith in karma though I believe in awareness of one's deed.
  4. Dumbing Down University

    This guy was not just stating his opinion but also stating the fact. The problem is not on professors and students. It was more on the standards implementations of universities boards and trustees.
  5. How to bring forth hidden emotions?

    There are lots of training or teaching that can teach you how to flow your emotion. Those trainings/teachings are useful too but, in my opinion the best way to flow your emotion is do not suppress it. If you feel mad then let it. However, you must know the reason why are having that emotion and how will you express it without doing bad things that you will regret. You can cry if you want or go somewhere else where no one else on that place and shout. Some wrote it in journal. And when your emotion is calm. Ponder the situation. Put yourself in whoever involve shoes then ask yourself. "Will you do the same? If not. What will you do?" You have to take the big "I" when pondering situation. Lastly, you need to forgive and move on when you understand the whole scenario. To tap it all Don't suppress your emotion Look for an outlet for your emotion that will not harm yourself and other Ponder the situation Face whoever is involve Forgive and move on I hope this is also work for you.
  6. The Third Eye

    Taoist and shamanic has practice on opening third eye.
  7. I agree though not all like to meditate.
  8. I like reading books but I'm not a fast reader. Simply because I want to fully understand each word written by author.
  9. Well, whether that article was true or not is not important at all. There are more serious issues in our society that needs solutions.
  10. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius
  11. I like to believe that art is still alive. Maybe it is hidden temporarily.
  12. Egyptian symbolism on Judean king's seal

    Maybe the Egyptian symbolism was a reminder that God delivered them from their slavery in Egypt.
  13. "Time is the speed of light."

    I want to believe that that is how time is measured.
  14. Is the earth round/spherical?

    I believe that earth is spherical because sphere refers to object while circle refer to figure. Earth is object and not merely figure.