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  1. If that is so. I can't help but think that's a little foolish. I enjoy the Tibetan idea that if we learn to become lucid in dreams we can continue to be lucid during the bardo after we die. I mean wouldn't a Taoist like to work on having clear dreams at least ? I could understand not flying around at night lucidily for entertainment. But if there are subconscious hang ups do Taoists just focus on their waking practice and feel things will work them selves out in dream
  2. All this makes me want to get back into dream yoga. When you talk about the hormones in the pituitary and pineal gland. It reminds me that when I just lower my gaze in the middle of my brow. My forehead and brain start to vibrate. Is this what you mean ?
  3. simplify

    "Don't think you'll necessarily Be aware of your own enlightenment " -Chung tZu or maybe dogen. Or someone else
  4. How do I focus on anything else right now? It feels like the world is seriously going down the drain. In the past 3 years I went from having this undeniable faith that the world is waking up. To this sudden harsh awakening that humanity is in shambles and at this point nothing is going to change it. It's definitely not heading in a better direction. The way people treat each other and act and think has gotten visibly worse since let's say 2012. The only moments of content I feel are when I let go of my attachment to this planet and my life. I welcome an asteroid to start it all over. Anyone else feeling confused and conflicted over this mess ?
  5. Some of the things that stimulate the vagus nerve I realized I did when I was a kid. A few examples are. Pressing on your eyes of which I used to do in bed to make everything doubled. Fast forward to my teenage years. I smoked some weed and about an hour later I leaned back and rubbed my eyes and I saw a very vivid chamber of geometric patterns ... hmm Another example is the yawning of which I would have a uncomfortable feeling of having to yawn for along time. Last is I used to save up saliva in my mouth and keep it there. Turns out this is a way to stimulate vagus nerve. By gathering saliva while pressing the tongue to the palate
  6. Hey its interesting you say this! When I was looking up information on vagus nerve stimulation I came across the jaw bone and realignment exercises. I think a lot of tension resides in the jaw and the ability to relax is maybe what's so important about yawning for the vagus Thanks so much for sharing that. I'm going to delight in yawning all the time now
  7. Don't feel happy being skinny

    That sounds a bit depressing man. Am I really more prone to anxiety and releasing cortisol
  8. Don't feel happy being skinny

    22. The metabolism starts slowing at 25
  9. Don't feel happy being skinny

    Thank you for all of that my friend. Especially on how to stand. It reminds me of the standing posture used in qi goingand taichi. With the root sunk down and crown raised up. Can I ask you more advice on what foods I can eat to gain? I won't have money for a gym but I have freeweights. I just need advice for what I can buy cheaply that Will help. I don't make much money and I'm living alone. Also the foods I do have I quickly get tired of. (Oatmeal / soups) so I end up not eating because of it . And I'm sorry maybe what I meant with skinny people bein the healthiest was that people who fast have health benefits
  10. Don't feel happy being skinny

    I actually weighed more when I was on antidepressants. I was on zoloft when I was 7. I don't agree with those medication though. So although it definitely would help me gain weight it wouldn't be worth it for me
  11. I've heard the healthiest and longest living people in the world are also very skinny and eat one meal a day. That's the only reason why I would embrace my skininess. But beyond that I feel quite insecure to be so skinny. As a man I feel like I am weak next to other men. I don't have much money or space to cook so I find it incredibly hard to gain weight right now I also dont have much of an apetite at timea because of anxiety and depressed states. My metabolism is very vast and gaining weight would mean I have to eat to the point of feeling like I'm going to throw up all day. So where can a balance be found with this? I want to maintain a healthy diet. I don't want to consume milk because it's not very healthy these days in America and because it will create to much mucus making it hard to breath through my narrow nostrils. Any tips on how to gain slowly? Or even just advice on how to let the insecurity go ? Thank you guys !
  12. Limited space for taiji form

    Thanks everyone. I can see now I was making excuses more than being in a bad situation. Im going to start the form everyday starting tomorrow
  13. Limited space for taiji form

    I practice the dong family yang slow form. I learned 3 years ago and gave been practicing since. I know some of the fast set but only practice the slow form for now. I understand the principals of how to hold my self as I perform. I have imagery of what my teacher would look like too and also get a feel for how it should be as I'm doing it over time. I used to do the form twice everyday but now it has become once every few weeks and I'm not happy about that. :/
  14. I'm living in a confined space in a basement. There isn't much room for my form and it's a little stuffy to breath. I want to start doing the form more often before and after work but can't figure out where to practice. I don't like doing it where people walk by closely. I live in a populated island in new York so it's difficult to find a spot that is open enough. Any ideas as to how I can adapt to this situation?
  15. https://youtu.be/O-2p32yN39g. I would love to start a discussion on this video. I have to watch it again before I start some points.