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  1. healthy sexuality?

    That is a good idea. I don't really chase those who don't care much for me though.
  2. healthy sexuality?

    Hi lima. It has been two years. All I can say is I feel a bit less frustration with dealing with it. I'm putting the energy that arises into a career and creative pursuits. I asked the question because I was conflicted. I really want to cultivate but always had this intense sexual desire that always seemed to drain me. And I can only rarely find a partner that I feel comfortable with. So I spend most of my time single with out any sexual outlet. I am now turning that energy around and focusing on self actualization. Growing in mind and body strength. I'm currently quite heart broken over the last partner I Had trying to let go of them and not feel jealousy for what they're involved in now. So this suffering has lowered My libido. I'm going to keep listening to that energy and pain and see what I have to do to change for the better. I know sexuality is natural but I feel like I grew up hyper sexual. And it never did me any good. I wasted alot of time fantazising ano chasing girls who didn't want me. So I think for the the first time in my life I'm going to try and abstain from seeking out women. And see if I can put my entire focus on improvement. I also noticed that my hypersexuality. Has made me very shy and nervous around women all my life. If I let go of the sexuality and seek platonic relationships for a while I think I might benefit from it. I'm sorry for such a long response. This is just where im.at today.
  3. If that is so. I can't help but think that's a little foolish. I enjoy the Tibetan idea that if we learn to become lucid in dreams we can continue to be lucid during the bardo after we die. I mean wouldn't a Taoist like to work on having clear dreams at least ? I could understand not flying around at night lucidily for entertainment. But if there are subconscious hang ups do Taoists just focus on their waking practice and feel things will work them selves out in dream
  4. All this makes me want to get back into dream yoga. When you talk about the hormones in the pituitary and pineal gland. It reminds me that when I just lower my gaze in the middle of my brow. My forehead and brain start to vibrate. Is this what you mean ?
  5. Can't you store and build post natal Jing ?
  6. simplify

    "Don't think you'll necessarily Be aware of your own enlightenment " -Chung tZu or maybe dogen. Or someone else
  7. Ive actually read that the quality of the sperm is better for impregnation if the man ejaculates more often before he does it.
  8. With all of that said. While abstaining the minute I edge or get the production of sperm going like some have said here. I can feel it create a sense of anxiety and tension. So to me that really shows the important of total celibacy or brahmacharya during semen retention.
  9. I found this bit of information that I have not read anywhere Else in regards to correctly retaining semen. Although I have read it said in a different way but with energies instead of biological properties. Any ways here it is If semen retention gives you pelvic and testicular congestion pain it is an indication that your semen and sperm production are still very active. The inflammatory discomfort is a result of an accumulation of semen and sperm inside the seminal vesicles and testicles. The retained semen can increase the central dopamine nervous function, but the expansion of the seminal vesicles and the testicular ducts induces an additional release of prostaglandin E2 that will stimulate inflammation of the local sympathetic nerves for anxious and stressful responses in an attempt to expel semen and sperm from the body. If you can reduce the adrenal conversion and suppress the inflammatory responses, your central dopamine nervous function will become stronger, allowing you to retain your semen and sperm for a longer time. Generally, the most difficult time of successful and intentional seminal retention practice is during day five or seven after the last ejaculation. This is because your testosterone level greatly increases after the 5th day. Testosterone usually stimulates the norepinephrine action on the orgasmic sympathetic nervous circuits and accelerates semen production simultaneously with sperm production. Once you pass the 7th day, the testosterone levels and your testicular functions return to normal, as does semen and sperm production. suppress the sympathetic nervous responses during those crucial days, you should take the Botanical Testicular Revitalization Formula with Vitamins A, B-complex, C and D. Jog a few miles before breakfast, exercise about three hours daily and take a brisk walk after dinner. Implementing these tips will boost your dopamine nervous function, letting it run down in time for a good night’s sleep while the pain is remedied.
  10. I have read before about musical notes and octaves and overtones relating to different 13 dimensions and chakras
  11. What are the proper practices for semen retention? Microcosmic orbit and qigong? I don't have a partner and I don't think I'm going to be finding one any time soon unfortunately
  12. How do I focus on anything else right now? It feels like the world is seriously going down the drain. In the past 3 years I went from having this undeniable faith that the world is waking up. To this sudden harsh awakening that humanity is in shambles and at this point nothing is going to change it. It's definitely not heading in a better direction. The way people treat each other and act and think has gotten visibly worse since let's say 2012. The only moments of content I feel are when I let go of my attachment to this planet and my life. I welcome an asteroid to start it all over. Anyone else feeling confused and conflicted over this mess ?
  13. Some of the things that stimulate the vagus nerve I realized I did when I was a kid. A few examples are. Pressing on your eyes of which I used to do in bed to make everything doubled. Fast forward to my teenage years. I smoked some weed and about an hour later I leaned back and rubbed my eyes and I saw a very vivid chamber of geometric patterns ... hmm Another example is the yawning of which I would have a uncomfortable feeling of having to yawn for along time. Last is I used to save up saliva in my mouth and keep it there. Turns out this is a way to stimulate vagus nerve. By gathering saliva while pressing the tongue to the palate
  14. Hey its interesting you say this! When I was looking up information on vagus nerve stimulation I came across the jaw bone and realignment exercises. I think a lot of tension resides in the jaw and the ability to relax is maybe what's so important about yawning for the vagus Thanks so much for sharing that. I'm going to delight in yawning all the time now
  15. Don't feel happy being skinny

    That sounds a bit depressing man. Am I really more prone to anxiety and releasing cortisol