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  1. Goodbye

    K later
  2. Buddhism and spiritual protection

    Interesting you say this - two nights ago I was attacked by demons twice while I was asleep - the second time was bad enough but, the first time was really bad -- they were both bad just in different ways - they were both severely evil & severely disturbing - but the first one almost physically killed me -- I don't see them having any trouble knocking the life out of an elderly person - this isn't the first time this has happened since I moved in this place - they tend to physically attack you - there is some seriously bad energy here
  3. Chan Magazine

    Chan magazine pdf files free
  4. Buddhist eLibrary

    Free pdf books ------> taken from website ------->
  5. amongst white clouds

    here are some more in case they take one down
  6. amongst white clouds

    here is a longer one I like the Cantonese lady -- she probably hates that
  7. 21 Taras PDF

    sometimes I just search google for such & such & type pdf at the end of it --- like search ----- "tibetan buddhism pdf" I get some really good books that way thanks for those two
  8. Taoist Sites, Blogs and Links
  9. Daoist monasticism

    what are you talking about ? - I have no control over this the world is tearing apart at the seams
  10. simplify

    double time
  11. simplify

  12. simplify

    inner voice
  13. I want to use drugs. I love Cannabis - I always have - since I was a little kid - I believe in the spiritual use of cannabis I like drugs - I always have --- to tell you otherwise would be to tell you a lie I don't like a lot of the people you have to deal with to get them - that's why I am for legalization 100 % I would never go near alcohol or tobacco here is a video about me taking care of my cannabis plants & teaching myself kung fu