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  1. Feedback about 小梦想's neigong seminar?

    Hey guys, just thought I'd give Rudi's course a review since I've been here for almost a month: A lot of my post covid symptoms - especially breathlessness seem to have all but vanished. Additionally, the problem I had with a lot of energy in the UDT has disappeared too. I also had this weird thing where I had body chills as a leftover symptom and it's also pretty much gone. I'm SUPER thankful. I also had some progressive effects with the other exercises, but I don't think it's relevant to post here.
  2. Feedback about 小梦想's neigong seminar?

    Hey guys, I'm Anta. I don't really post here but I thought I'd add to the feedback. Regarding Rudi's attainment - that one is obviously true. He's as legit as you're gonna find and he knows his stuff. Period. What made this seminar good though is that he's a gifted teacher, and I don't say that a lot. He's patient, kind and answered all of our questions. I feel like I have a very clear path forward and the ability to ground my energy - which is very important to me. He emphasized the health aspect of cultivation, which was good, since I (and others) are recovering from stuff. I'm not really sure what to say except that I wish I had this chance when I was younger. Maybe I wouldn't have appreciated it as much :-), but I sure as hell do now. I'll talk about sensations, etc... as I progress, but I'm an amateur, so don't expect much from me right now haha.
  3. Hello Guys!

    Hey guys, energy worker/cultivator here. I've read a bunch of posts from this forum and I figured it's time I joined up and exchanged ideas with people over here. Cheers!