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  1. Hi! In January my contract as a Paramedic expires and I find my self wanting to deepen my experience in Daoism. I got a sharp intellect, great creativity and practical hands and learning things from books ain't my forte. I have previously done a two month trip to India and did Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teacher training, but I did not find my self settling into the yogic system. I have also been to China where i tried out two kung fu schools that werent quite what i was looking for. What I would want to find now is a place where I can go and learn properly from someone who masters it. I got a lot of tension in my body, TMJ, my pelvis is out of balance and most of the joints in my body is popping/cracking. Getting some help to clean out my body and purify it and the mind would be a welcomed thing. I've considered Mantak Chias center in Thailand, but it is quite expensive even for me as a Norwegian. In Norway it is very very little of this kind to find. Anyone got any good suggestions? The main purpose would be self healing.
  2. Sleep and dreams

    Grains is 95% out of my diet and dairy 99%. Generally my energy is high, it is just when waking up when im really sluggish. Sugar is a culprit im working on reducing in my diet. I mostly eat chicken, beef and vegetables.
  3. Sleep and dreams

    I did try one of these apps previously.. I'm gonna try it again and compare against how it is when i get one of these earthing bracelets.
  4. Sleep and dreams

    btw: Im def gonna try this. Funny question: would it not even help just putting a finger on the grounding in the socket for a little while as well ?
  5. Sleep and dreams

    That looks interesting! Might consider getting that myself. Have you tried the bracelets?
  6. Sleep and dreams

    Hi! I would appreciate some inputs on my situation with regards to sleep and dreams. No matter how long i sleep I wake up feeling the need for more sleep. My current job do keep me from having a perfect regular sleep schedule. What I notice is that I always wake up from a dream, and I can fall asleep again and continue the same dream. Sometimes i wake up during the night, go to the toilet and continue the dream where i left off. Often in my dreams I'm aware of my own body and it feels like im not sleeping or dreaming. It pretty much feels like im awake somewhere else other than my body. I would love to wake up fully rested and energized. Can't remember the last time that happened.
  7. Does anyone here have a soda addiction?

    Hey Taomeow: I'm trying to send you a PM but it says you cannot receive any new messages ?
  8. Hey! I've been exploring Tantra and Taoism for a while and there are so many opinions and ways to do things that it can be a bit easy to get lost in all this. I did a 11 day Tantra massage therapist training where after I did semen retention for two months before I by accident crossed the point of no return. A lot of these tantra teachers make it sound like that you will die if you ejaculate to often because we have a limited amount of ojas. From a medical standpoint I do understand how ejaculation affects our neuro transmitters like dopamine, oxytocin etc, and that it causes a physiological change of state in the body. during this two month period i started having a kind of wet dreams that were new to me. I was aware of my own body, and it felt like i was energetically having sex with someone. I could feel the contractions in my penis and perineum, and the ejaculation felt different than normal. Like it was radiating heat or something. I cant really find the words to explain the feeling, but it is not like how it normally feels when ejaculating. I had several times a week of this, and after i crossed the point of no return for the first time in a long time, i was a bit back into the old habit of using the million dollar spot. Yesterday I had another one of this. I have sharing bed with a female friend of mine, and we have a great energetic connection. I love playing with energy with her as she is receptive and open. We were spooning when we went to bed, and I could feel so much energy surging through my hands, arms and i could feel her body pulsating. Quite unusual for me to be so receptive as well as when im close to her. Later that night i was again in a state that is not dreaming or sleeping, and it felt like someone was masturbating me energetically. And I could feel I was approaching climax, and i could feel the ejaculation happening. Before the ejaculation happened, I saw images of trying to remove the undies of the person doing it to get inside before I came. So strange and bizarre. anyone have an idea what is happening?
  9. new guy

    Hi everyone! I'm here to find some good conversations and to learn more about Taoism.