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  1. Thank you, Dao Bums

    Daeluin, reading your post was like opening a many-layered present. Thank you for such a thorough explanation. I have been rereading it and letting it sink in. So many dots to connect! Wondering if I understand this idea. Since learning meditation and QiGong, powerful and amazing things have happened that I didn't know to expect (thus looking back and realizing). But those surprises led me to act with new intention--working toward specific outcomes (thus looking ahead). Of course, that so often gives rise to its own suprises, continuing the cycle... Is that what you mean? Is this why these pairs lie opposite each other at the cardinal directions in the Fuxi Earlier Heaven bagua? You sound very knowledgable about the nature of the trigrams and their relationships with one another. If you don't mind me asking, do you practice I Ching? I hope you can be patient with my learning curve. It helps me to move beyond the intellectual mind and understand these things at a gut level. When I started learning Taiji last year, I was taught to distinguish yin from yang in our form, where yin and yang flow into one another as you described. One feels it deeply, like an ocean tide swelling and receding internally, reflecting the outer movements. For me, this awareness has informed an expanded experience of everything--seasons, pain, moon phases, relationships... In the nature of this constant movement I find a tranquil acceptance not dissimilar to the Buddhist idea of impermanence. Wu wei follows naturally. When insights (like yours) become part of my mindless understanding, only then do I feel like I truly grasp the concepts. Looooong way to go! It is indeed a delightful journey, East of the Sun and West of the Moon.
  2. Thank you, Dao Bums

    Daomon: Thank you for the advice. In my Taiji class we do a slapping exercise from Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang called Paida Gong. It is part of his longer QiGong set (see below). Is that similar to Paida Laijin? My acupuncturist has given me cupping treatments. Is that what you are referring to? I have sometimes heard the slapping technique referred to as "cupping," too. I'm excited to learn more about both! Thanks for taking the time to post this. Ever refining the Gong. Massage for Health with Qi17. Circulate the Sun and Moon (xuen/ zhuan~ ri\ yue\ gong-) 18. Wash the Head (xi~ tou/ shun\ qi\ jian\ nao~ gong-) 19. Massage Internal Organs (xiong/bu\ shun\qi\ wu~zhang\ yun\mo/ gong-) 20. Face Massage for Health (bao~ jian\ gong -) 21. Slap and Hit Acupuncture Points (pai- da~ gong-) a. Shoulder Well (jiian jing) b. Joining of the Valleys (hegu) c. Inner Gate (neiguan) d. Arm Three Miles (shou san li) e. Extreme Fountain (ji quan) f. Gate of Life (ming men) g. Jumping Circle (huan tiao) h. City of Wind (feng shi) i. Leg Three Miles (sanli) j. Perfect Equilibrium (weizhong) 22. Shake Your Tail Feathers (dou ling)
  3. Thank you, Dao Bums

    Manitou- Sounds like the traditional tale served as a source of inspiration during your own true-life tale, then? Stories can be powerful and timeless teachers--informing our choices. Thank you for sharing your story. Also, thanks for the Krishnamurti quote! And Daeluin, what a wealth of information you are! So much to digest from one post. : ) The balancing you refer to: Is that what is called "internal alchemy"? And please explain "the operation of the six breaths." Is that related to Six Healing Sounds QiGong? (Wild guess, there!) And what are the directions of energy? I only think of peng, lu, ji, an when I hear that. Likely unrelated...?? It's interesting that Taoism is both fundamentally simple and yet elaborately complex! Paradoxes abound. What a gift to have found TheDaoBums: a site of ten thousand teachers!
  4. Thank you, Dao Bums

    Hod, thanks so much for posting that! Hadn't heard that Donovan tune ("The Seller of Stars") before. Seems our obscure tale of mystical collaboration gets around! Also diggin' your Hurly Burly quote about keepin' it real. Reminds me a little of Socrates: "Be as you wish to seem." Endless fun with illusion/delusion! Manitou, sounds like you've led a rich and eventful life. Hope you've landed in a place of contentedness--"happy" ending or not. (In the end, things are what they are, right? Have you seen the vid of Alan Watts' "Story of the Chinese Farmer"? ) Hod, how did you embed the YouTube video in your post? I can't seem to paste anything into the dialog box. Thankful for any help figuring this out.
  5. Thank you, Dao Bums

    Right on, Gerard! So easy to fall into an illusion of aloneness. Manitou, happy to see that you enjoyed the reference! The line is also in Lord of the Rings as part of a song--and a fitting sentiment for those of us who have discovered lesser known paths: "Still round the corner there may wait A new road or a secret gate. And though I oft have passed them by, A day will come at last when I Shall take the hidden paths that run West of the Moon, East of the Sun." Thank you both for your kind welcomes!
  6. Thank you, Dao Bums

    Thanks, Star-Lord. Humbling to think about how many people over the course of several centuries have discovered, developed, refined, and shared these insights and practices. I'm lucky to have stumbled across their powerful gifts. So grateful for their discipline, determination, and generosity! Inspiring, really. And yes, I'm a sucker for symbolism. For me, both the color yellow and Phoenix (Fenghuang) symbolize a powerful completeness.
  7. Thank you, Dao Bums

    Happy to discover the collective insight here. Seems the more I learn, the less I know! Nutshell back story: Learned about Taoism 25 yrs ago. Became seriously disabled by Neuro disorder in 2005--single mom, mostly homebound in a wheelchair. Last yr found a therapeutic Taiji specialist who taught me meditation, QiGong, and Taiji. Health has been significantly restored! Wish to connect with others who share this path. Grateful to Dao Bums for providing opportunity!