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  1. Rainbowvein, your connection with Sun Bu'er is most definitely expressed through the lovely poem. The beautiful connection is capable of transforming the consciousness of arrogance, competitiveness and other low consciousness which can easily lurk just below the seemingly refined exterior. Homage to the heavenly Sun Bu'er!
  2. Daeluin, Quantumdragon and Stone into Jade, thank you for the discussion. I found Riding the Phoenix to Penglai to be an exceptional guidebook for women cultivators (men as well). Imagine ancient poems on attaining immortality to be translated in a truly readable, practical, and straight-forward manner! The translated poems paralleled some of the experiences I have had in my qigong practice. I particularly appreciated the chapters on nourishment and bigu because I have found dietary up-grades to be part of the transformation process. This process is so clearly, accurately and beautifully described in Ms. Gonet's translation. As the organ information changes with the accumulation and refinement of Qi and internal energetic interactions, the normal organ function changes as well to utilize more refined sources of energy. Food energy (calories) is one kind of energy. Sunlight and moonlight is quite another kind of energy. With a more refined energy body, all sorts of energy sources become available for consumption other than food. "With all of creation laid out before one, the cultivator looks upon a vast array of possible sources/enhancers of energy. And with astuteness, one will know which energy/essence is best at which time in a given situation." pg. 71 Oh boy, I have found this to be so true! At a certain point in the cultivation process, my body required a switch from ordinary food to more refined choices. The first step for me was the rejection of grains. i was so shocked when my body responded with pain any time I attempted to eat a grain product! I couldn't believe it! My body knew before my mind did. It makes perfect sense that if we wish our Qi to flow freely, we do not wish to line our insides with "paste." (pg. 73) Then with a twice daily practice, longer practices, and honoring seasonal fasts, my lungs began to express their true nature which is one of judgement, dignity, and discernment. When my food choices were poor, my nose ran (I later learned the lungs and nose are closely related). Eating even a bite too much made my nose run. Also, my pancreas, the organ of harmony, let me know if my choices were correct or not through pain or warmth in my big toes! The body becomes a very accurate tool, friend and guide to assist in further refinement of itself! It makes sense too because as the body becomes more efficient and purified, it's required needs change. Qigong practice is much more than accumulating Qi. It is about refining the body's consciousness. Food most definitely has it's own consciousness (information) as does each organ. How is your selection going to interact with your body? Will it raise or lower your consciousness? The body is able to provide very helpful and practical information regarding your choice. For me, this area has been a critical part of the cultivation process. Qi accumulation and benefit is more quickly realized when the diet supports the process. The development of the lungs as the nourishment center rather than the stomach allows the body to effectively use Qi as food. The body makes the adjustment from the stomach (calories and food), to the lungs (Qi and breath). The stomach then requires less and less food. This is a very natural process with regular practice and internal energy interactions. "As the lungs become more primary in nourishing the body, the stomach cooperates with this shift and actually may no longer desire foods that the cultivator may have previously enjoyed a great deal." pg. 73 This is exactly what happened to me! My body very naturally shifted. You might think that the practitioner losses a lot of weight, but actually the weight stays pretty stable. The body thrives on a more refined energy source when it is prepared to do so, but it is a process. There comes a point where the cultivator realizes the importance of changing outdated concepts about eating; wishes to honor the body; and desires to move forward in the cultivation process. It can be challenging to deal with the socio-cultural expectations. Ms. Gonet offers practical suggestions and advice throughout these chapters which I found helpful and true! Have you had some of these experiences too? I really appreciate this forum and the discussion. Thanks everybody.
  3. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai

    I too would appreciate a conversation about Riding the Phoenix to Penglai. It was one of the best books I have ever read. Ms Gonet's book is a masterpiece.
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    I have enjoyed the practice of qigong for the past 10 years and just learned about your site. I would love to join in on the conversations. Thank you so much.