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  1. The Book Jim Mentions on His Book

    Hey. Another member already helped me in private with the information I was seeking. But thanks anyway, friend.
  2. The Book Jim Mentions on His Book

    If you can't assist me, then please, do not post here. Otherwise, others will join and I'll never get my question answered. Thank you...
  3. The Book Jim Mentions on His Book

    Thank you for your concern with my well being, sir. However, if you're not willing to answer my question, then leave. I do not need your advices. Please do not post on this topic again. Edit: Just to clarify your doubts: I am aware that mixing systems is not a good idea. Jim said it himself. I want this specific book for another reason that I'll won't discuss as this topic is intended for another single, simple purpose. Let's not discuss matters not related to the question here, okay? If there's anything that you would like to say to me, I'll be happy to have a private conversation with you, sir. Just not here.
  4. The Book Jim Mentions on His Book

    Matters not. I just wish to know what book he's refering to. Do you know it?
  5. Greetings. As I have not found a more appropriate place to ask this question, I created this topic just for that. What I wish to know is what book is Jim McMillan refering to when he mentions he's been reading about some of the effects meditation can have on our body. If I recall correctly, there's also a part where he says the author of that particular book does some kind of work which requires the chi to circulate the body, going from the bottom of our pelvis to the top of our head, or something of the sorts. If someone can help me with that, I will me most grateful.
  6. Greetings. As I have not found another place where I could ask my question, I came here. All I wish to know is if there's any master or monastery of sorts here in South America where I can meet the "guru" (or anyone who can train me in person) as I am tired of running after myths on the internet. I practice the Mo Pai's first level meditation as it is in my understanding that it's common to a lot of other schools. Even if it wasn't, why not? So, does anyone here by any chance lives in Equador, Chile, Brazil, etc who knows (or actually is) a master from this region who accepts students? Thanks alot.
  7. Hey!

    Name's Daniel, I'm from South America and as many others I've started taking interest in this subject after reading Kostas' book. I was about 3 years old when the first one was published so well, what can I do if I'm too late? lol Anyway, I'd rather train with a master I know in real life than collecting info on the internet about these kind of practices to train unsupervised. That's about what I've been trying to do: find an authentic teacher to learn directly from him. I've travelled across the country, though not much since Brazil is huge, in search of such individual but so far not much came by. It seems that there are some people who supposedly sell Mo Pai on the internet like a guy named Shifu Lin I think and some others but I don't believe them. Really, how can I know for sure? Anyway, I believe there are other schools perhaps not as efficient but close enough scattered around the globe and it's up to us to find 'em. That's pretty much it. My intentions on join this forum is to find like-minded people and see what they have to say in topics of our common interest to see if I can find some support in this journey. Thank you.