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    Greeting, one and all. I first stumbled across your website after reading 'The Magus of Java' by Costa Dantos, a book discussed on your forums. I was introduced to the book during my travels in Thailand starting almost two years ago, a journey that, in part to experience a new life out of London and in part to better understanding a significant change that happened to myself around eight years ago, something I hope to discuss with you in the near future. Around five years ago, I started a form of meditation called Sahaja Yoga, recommend to me by a friend. At the time I had no idea of its importance to my future understanding and relevance to the events that occurred three years prior to this introduction. Roughly three years ago I started to take things a little more seriously and subsequently started researching and reading in to Taoism, Buddhism, meditation,the subtle energy systems etc and have since involved myself deeply in the practice of meditation. It was becoming clear to me that meditation was the key to understanding, and indeed, controlling the changes in my life and, since my travels, I have inevitably created more questions than answering them! I look forward to any and all discussions and to learning more about the world of Qi from some vetted professionals in the field! Warmest Regards, Ersan