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  1. The now is scary

    Peace, I began zazen recently and I'm currently having a very difficult time accepting the mental power of 'the now'. I am constantly stopping mental chatter and unawareness. I'm living in the now and it feels very different, as if I am in a dream. The concentration is very powerful. During my prayers I am more involved and not in thought like I previously was. this is great, but it is a bit scary. Is this an effect of 'waking up'? Edit: i am also getting very emotional about it. In some of my sittings I feel extremely angry, sad or even want to cry. And I currently feel like crying for some reason
  2. Qi going for Eczema

    Hello, I hope all is well. I have been suffering from Eczema for an incredibly long time. I have recently read more about it and have found that my liver doesn't work as it should. The toxins are coming out of the skin because it is the only way out, for me. It is causing me tremendous discomfort on my skin and scalp. is there any practice like Qi Gong that will help me and my internal organs to recover and function properly? any information will help. note: I am living somewhere where there are no Qi Gong teachers, unfortunately. I don't mind taking online 1 on 1 sessions if that is the best way for my case. peace and prosperity, your brother, Ali.
  3. Where do I start?

    Yes, I am hoping to learn Yi Jin Jing. Xi Sui Jing is said to be dangerous and shouldn't be learned without a teacher. I am positive that if I can practice YJJ and be able to do it properly he will guide me through XSJ
  4. Where do I start?

    He's actually incredibly knowledgeable. He's a Chinese muslim and have learned under well known masters. I live in a very small country so he's the only one known for teaching authentic Chinese martial arts. He takes some students to where he used to learn during the summer holidays. I actually found out he teaches Bagua by coincidence. I had went with a friend to learn Gong fu because I had given up on finding a XingYi teacher here. But then I asked him and showed him my PiChuan. He was surprised that I knew this martial art so he took me in as a student. Then he told me to practice XingYi at home and learn Bagua when I am at the training place with him. He just doesn't seem to want to teach me QiGong. We would have 10-15 minute Zhang Zhuang at the beginning of the sessions but then our time was shortened by the guys who own the place so we had to move on with our essential training. There aren't any other QiGong teachers here unfortunately.
  5. Where do I start?

    There is a ton of information everywhere. I want to start Qigong but I don't know where. I had an instructor teaching me Bagua but when I asked him to teach me Qigong he would always change the subject or say "later later" (this is probably because we don't have much time where we train because of area reservations). I have started reading "The root of chinese Qigong" by Dr.Yang but I want to also start practicing and cultivating energy. I have some health problems (eczema mainly and minor lumbar problems) and I wish to start the healing process. I do know that it takes time and I'm in no rush for results. But results won't come without actual practice. According to Dr.Yang, I must read AND understand TROCQ before I can move on to the other book that has the Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing. TROCQ is huge and has tons of information, but is it really necessary to go over that one before moving onto practical stuff? What would you guys recommend?
  6. This is so soothing

    His walking is very peaceful. To me, when I spar using Bagua I invite the person to dance with me instead of fight. I don't want to have to hurt anybody.
  7. I think what the original poster meant is a sub-conscious avoiding. You avoid something consciously because you want to or must avoid. But on a sub-conscious level you avoid what you really want because of something only your sub-conscious knows (e.g, you fear failing while you're on the road of achieving what you want.)
  8. I am currently using my imagination whilst sparing (Bagua) because I currently know none whereI am residing. While imagining an attack and responding to it physically does help me, I am wondering if sparring whilst lucid dreaming would help at all. What do you guys think?
  9. Bagua questions

    Hey guys, What can I do to sink lower while mud stepping? My back heel seems to lift off the ground when I try to sink really low. And when I try to sink lower in San Ti the top of my foot begins to hurt (where it says anterior talo-fibular ligament) Am I inflexible in that part?
  10. Bagua questions

    Yup, almost always.
  11. Bagua questions

    Except I'm not western at all today he taught me the single palm change. At first it was a bit hard to follow but then he explained why to do it and showed the practical use of it and it suddenly became easier.
  12. A few questions on sleeping

    I understood your statement shortly after posting my first reply but didn't feel like editing it. And I never stated that I "don't want to sleep". Thanks either way.
  13. Bagua questions

    Most of my theory are from B.K Frantzis and books (Yang Jwing-Ming, etc.) and the practical things my Sifu is teaching me. He corrects my posture, placements and generally all my errors but he doesn't tell me 'Why'. That's why I'm getting my theory from somewhere where there isn't a language barrier. So when he shows me something I'll be like "Ahhhhh I know why" Thanks everybody for your efforts and answers.
  14. Bagua questions

    As I said, huge language barrier, even if I explain it to him it might not go through. So I just want some info on what other work some people here are doing/have done.
  15. A few questions on sleeping

    I'm sorry but that has nothing to do with my questions