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  1. @CT Eh ? Reality is our current internal understanding of the existent universe as it is. A is A but our internal reality can be in error. Even logic may not be sufficient. For instance; if we think we are Napoleon then it is logical to wonder where Josephine is. When we are very young our internal map of reality is a long way from allowing is the possibility of survival, but as we all know, over time we accrue experience and build a more accurate map which we use to navigate independent from the necessity of having parents. It looks to me, by your second point that you are of the school which believes that we have intrinsic knowledge that we are somehow ignoring, that we only need to 'get the mind out of the way' and we will have access to this knowledge. Clearly your ideology is an attack on reason and the mind itself, if I understand you correctly. I would describe that as a kind of psychosis. I'm about done on this forum-which will likely come as a relief to many ;-) It was a worthwhile transition. Toodle pip.
  2. Describe the experience of pure consciousness ;-) If you haven't discovered the need for pure faith then I doubt you have gone very far down the road. Go steady. There be monsters.
  3. Awareness doesn't become quiet, awareness can be focused, moved, expanded. It can embrace a thought, feeling, sense. Having no awareness needs no description. Awareness must be aware of something.
  4. Firstly, you do know self from 'out there' and have confirmed it. Whether you call that localised awareness or something else, you are aware that there is this self and you can direct your awareness to introspection, or extrospection. I was a very diligent self inquirer Jetsun. You are asking questions for which there are no answers and for which there is no basis for answers. I talked about faith, but no one seems to grasp why faith is different to belief. I had faith. Tumbling out of the mirror it really doesn't make any sense, it's like being asked what it's like to be unconscious.
  5. Your reality and my reality differ. Consciousness does not 'create' our reality, consciousness is the faculty of grasping existence. Reality is not an absolute. I may have referred to it in that way, but if so then I'm not using the correct term. The universe is an absolute. A is A.
  6. There is no point. I'm just helping out with your thread padding OCD.
  7. I rephrased that one, so you may wish to change the quote for posterity?
  8. I find it extremely easy to comprehend things exist beyond my immediate self. Isnt it you that denies it ? Edit: rephrase as a question.
  9. What could 'I' realise ? ;-) Self Inquiry, as the description suggests, is purely about the self. That's your journey, not mine. I can't be a passenger on your train, neither can you give me a ticket to board it. I could tell you things, but then, that was another time. If you decide to board the train, then you do so alone. You are stuck on the platform. I know that because I once stood there myself.
  10. LOL who is the one doing the finding ? Find that one.
  11. Fake News

    Nothing. It's another of those 'wars on terror' and is the way of censoring the Internet. It is not up to the Government to regulate what we read, it is up to us to use our brains to pick out the trash by critical thinking. If you look at the words 'fake news' it is pretty obvious that it means nothing. Is exaggeration fake news, or underestimation, or error of fact ?
  12. Reality is the internal conceptual model. Our sense of the universe at any one point in time. It evolves as we receive new perceptions and make new integrations. Are you suggesting we should deprive ourselves of ALL sense information and thus, whatever reality remains must therefore be true ? Careful with that one, it quickly becomes a loaded pistol. There is only one way to deprive ourselves of all sense information. It's a great way to test the theory of the primacy of consciousness though rather permanent.
  13. :-) Your inquiry isn't deep enough Jetsun. For who is the 'I' that doesn't know it ? Ask who that one is.