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  1. Hi Everyone, Namaste:0) I found this forum by browsing the web, my main interest is Qigong and Taiji ( and all that entails), I have been practicing Qigong and Taiji for over 30 years ( I have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Reiki. Oh! I have studied and worked as an Occupational Therapist (strange compo, guess it is the wellbeing and healing path)). I have a e-learning site for taiji and Qigong, at the moment it is free. I have about 100 videos. I have been doping it over 5 years. I am in the proicess of pdating my videos and adding new material, as Taiji and Qigong are transient and for ever changing ( in a refinement sense). If there is interest I will give my url link, so that others may benefit from my knowledge I have gained. Well thats a bit about myself. Regards Boz