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  1. new here and have questions

  2. new here and have questions

    Thanks Snake the experience has me a touch rattled still but we both know that cool heads prevail my safe plan now is to stay in safe areas where there are crowds of people and avoid the person who has been working to coerce me from safety. I informed security at the public library where I spend my time and travel with friends often. when I cant then keeping a keen eye out for Mo (i know him by first name) is always a good way to avoid trouble. I would have called police but that would mean bringing more danger as he obviously has gang connections if he's able to get a 500 lot of daterape pills. right now all i can do is bide my time wisely and watch. if i call the police now they will know who phoned them and come after me. "He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious." :Sun Tzu
  3. new here and have questions

    still alive, needed the air sickness bag and I am doing alright though recently i was removed from my home for seeking mental health help. I had since been living in women's transitional housing to stay out of homelessness and ontop of it escaped two guys yesterday who were carrying a 500 tab lot of gabapentin... apparently "let's talk" means "i'm bringing a friend and we are going to try and rape you." first rule of the 72 forms of shaolin? when in danger run in a jiffy. my escape led me to the most fascinating of places... while their backs were turned i happened to slip up ahead of them behind a sign and saw a door to a gift shop so i took the chance being that i was no longer in line of sight... i slipped out the back of the gift shop into a museum and up the stairs past the ticket register into of all things a hall filled with Buddha statues. it was amazing! best part, being a woman in distress I did not get in trouble from security. all in all my angels have been great guides! I thank them. the guys who tried to date rape me must have thought they had a ghost on their hands, I disappeared without a trace while they were arguing with eachother... either way yes I have been alright. just taking another phase in my journey. the exceptional news is that I am surviving nicely and practicing bagua daily!
  4. thank you guys very much for creating the bagua section.
  5. Rainbows are for healing. wear a rainbow to heal humanity

  6. new here and have questions

    yes thank you Gen Daofor the diagrams and the motion sickness bag!
  7. new here and have questions

    most respectfully thank you! *bow*
  8. new here and have questions

    Recently I have become Taoist and have been practicing kungfu under the tutelage and guidance of a master who lives quite a distance from me. for the last little while I have been undergoing a strange and beautiful transformation into this new and mindful existence. from what started with me spouting bagua has become a point where I am seeing angels and I am not sure what to make of it as I am not the only one seeing them. after finding a discussion here I have been inclined to join and post hoping to get answers to some very deep questions. it seems I am not the only one experiencing this sort of happening recently. to tell a bit more of myself. I study the shaolin arts and go around through my world wearing rainbows and giving out brightness as if it were nothing to me to do. I have seen more and more lately that the little things I do bring others much joy in their day. it has been a strange and beautiful journey for me that has brought me here. is it clear what changes are happening in the world that can be bringing about such good and love? what is happening to me?