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  1. The real modern Shaolin

    Really cool documentary! I like the part where he discovers that the breath leads the movement. He made real progress in a very short amount of time.
  2. Great interview! Does Bruce live in New York?
  3. Jerry Alan Johnson TTBs interview answers :)

    This is a very interesting interview. I'm actually studying the teachings of Dr. Johnson using his books and some of his DVDs. It's all very detailed and filled with great knowledge. I can only recommend it to anyone interested in Daoist Neigong and Qi Qong.
  4. Jerry Alan Johnson TTBs interview answers :)

    Very interesting read. Thank You!
  5. Hello

    Hello, I'm interested in qi gong and nei gong training which I've been practicing for quite a while now. Hopefully I can learn from members of this group and also share what I've learned so far.