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  1. Hi! a friend of mine showed me this form of chikung and he said that is very easy to learn and is very effective. What do you think? Cheers!
  2. Anyone knows about 'shi sue kong'

    Thank you for your answers Regards
  3. And what about doing qiqong with wind ? Regards
  4. What 's "feeling charged up" ? What's "in control of the moment" ? Thank you
  5. Anyone knows about 'shi sue kong'

    I don't think you can learn this from a book. It's ridiculous!! That books are good, but you can't USE them. I know them, but they're useless. I'm not gonna do weight lift in my genitals without a teacher. Regards,
  6. But somebody got bad results practising in storms? What is to reverse the qi flow? Regards
  7. Yeah, it's nice to watch them. I've listen that too Regards
  8. Early Morning Hot Water

    Yeah, a lot's of teachers or chinese doctors say that. Indeed, they said that you have to drink a lot of hot water Regards
  9. Somebody, i don't remember who, said to me that it's bad to practice when there is a storm or a thunderstorm. Is this true? Why? Regards
  10. Oh yeah, that's a basic exercise and good exercise.
  11. Dream Yoga

    Hi i'm not an expert but i like the topic. There are forums about Astral Travels / OBEs / Lucid dreams with a lot of information. It's true that what you do when you project, what is the important, that depends on the person/beliefs/etc. But the methods and techniques are very useful. Also, you may like Robert Monroe Books, or Carlos Castaneda books. They wrote a lot about this topic. In particular Robert Monroe with his phashing method, different from the old 'out of the body method' Greetings
  12. What do you call Dantien Meditation ? To be sure if the same that i call Dantien Meditation I'm learning chilkong with a teacher, but they're movements. I wanna learn the MO too. Regards.
  13. Anyone knows about 'shi sue kong'

    Another name is Shih Shui Kung