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  1. Damn, these are awesome. Will be coming back to 'em.
  2. Already Tired of Ignorance

    Tbh, I find this place so full of insightful people I don't really understand why OP was so frustrated. I feel it must have been because he has pretty specific expectations of this space Sidebar: I am a damn fickle person with unrelentingly obscure interests trying to make it producing music and honestly if you just replace the word science with "being my authentic self" this quote would pretty much sum up my life heheh. Oh man
  3. Fighting Apathy

    Thanks for the great words so far folks. I'm gonna keep coming back to this thread for focus
  4. Fighting Apathy

    @Zhongyongdaoist, what of my situation reminded you of Bi-polar disorder? I've never heard that before so I'm pretty surprised! Never really felt any kind of personal resonance when I read the symptoms of it before.
  5. Fighting Apathy

    Hey folks. So, long story short, I really like the creative arts. I've DJ-ed, made films, made music, you name it, and I've tried to make money off them all, with varying success. Recently, I've had to go into full time employment for my parents (bills, not really my choice), and this year as a whole I've been pretty depressed. I've been getting a lot better within myself, but I'm faced with the same problem I've had all my life - I never really invest in anything. I abandon things when they no longer make me happy. I live off feelings of euphoria, elation etc, but real life isn't like that. I struggle to find consistent drive and motivation, so I've often been late to my full time jobs. This culminated in me being fired from a temporary job today. It was an office admin job, and it was boring as hell, and I guess I just coasted by with my intelligence. My question is, in all seriousness, how do I do this life thing? I am naturally an odd person, I enjoy large amounts of intellectual stimulation and I feel like I'm actually growing more unforgiving and impatient with age. I feel deeply bored and dissatisfied. Outside of hedonistic sensory pleasures, I really don't see the point in life. Taoism connects with me a lot, so I was wondering if some people with more experience cultivating it could shine a light on my situation. I'm not even sad, just a little... Dead.
  6. Hello

    Hey there, my name's Olivia, and I most often have a constant whirr of anxiety and thought going on in my head. I'm joining this forum to talk through it a bit more and grow some more. I have been reading 'The Power of Now' on and off for 2/3 months now, and thinking about the Tao with the 'Tao Te Ching', personaltao.com, taoism.net seminars and Facebook groups for 9 months. Hopefully I'll be engaging in discussions with some of you soon!