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    Hello everyone, I'm not exactly sure how I ended up on this site, but it has been a progressive process which has been building up over the last few years. A lot of people believe that we humanity is progressing - I think we are actually regressing in many ways. This myth of progress has everyone I know absolutely glued to their phones or social media accounts, which takes them out of the here and now, causing anxiety and tree to run rampant and rotting the brains we've taken nearly 1 million years of evolution to obtain. Over the last year, I have been seeking to simplify my life, and return to the slow natural rythm that seems to be all but muffled in our frantic Western world. In July of 2014, I attended my first old yang lu chan style of yang tai chi, and am currently learning from Josephine Andersion here in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I look forward to continuing my learning under Josephine's instruction, while remaining careful to focus on the road, not the destination. As I continue to practice, I look towards broadening my understanding of inner peace, strength of character, contentment, and a connection with the natural world. I believe humanity is doing terrible things to our planet in the name of progress. It behooves me to take a few steps back, and I look to Tai Chi as a vehicle in facilitating this return. I will also be using this site as a vehicle to draw strength and inspiration. Wishing everyone a beautiful day, and may you all keep to your roard Greg