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    It's not the original but it's the same forms. It'll do.
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    I suppose this is where I introduce myself. I am 61 years old. Disabled Vietnam Vet. Musician/Drummer at my age this is very physically taxing. I have C.O.P.D. I am a Christian but I don't personally find Tai Chi or any of the Eastern Martial Arts in any way in opposition to my Spiritual beliefs. In fact in enhances it. I happened to stumble on this Forum many years ago, and I had practiced Set 1 and 2 religiously, if you'll excuse the expression. LOL This was when there were 2 sets that were complete and free. The second set was near water and he was wearing a white uniform. I found these two to be extremely beneficial in all areas of life, but due to circumstances beyond my control lost the use of a computer and had been away from it for such a time as to begin again. I did have the two complete sets in my saved files but now for some reason they won't play. Does anyone have the complete 2nd set?