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  1. How/why does qigong work?

    Lot of truth in that.
  2. Ego

    Yes, its very much like dream recall: In state its all very clear and remains so if you etch it in place but when you get into the real world it seems to gradually fade away. I'll try Zen Walking and see how that goes also great point about emotional food, so true. Agreed and even that is simply pointing toward what needs to be healed. Starve the ego, feed the soul.
  3. Ego

    Yes, the space between the thoughts but I was referring to the maintenance and sustenance the inherent oneness experience that is present in samadhi context, especially when "out of state" and back in the real world.
  4. Ego

    Not exactly the most practical information I've ever read in my life , but OK. If anyone reading has something a bit more concrete on how to return to the subconscious whilst escaping the clutches of the ego I'd be interested to hear what you've got to say.
  5. Ego

    How does one do that?
  6. Ego

    Yes, that is closer to my own viewpoint. Much of what we call society and all of technology stems primarily from the ego with its externalized drive as this reflects its inner nature of I and Them which allows malleability, manipulation and modification of both inner and outer worlds with all that implies. Its an essential part of the puzzle for sure and may just be the key to unlock it all but its rarely faced, comprehended or used in its most beneficial way and as such it runs amok wherever it can these days. Has anyone on here experienced ego death? If so, how was it? Contrast the before and after please. Did it make a resurgence after licking its wounds for a while? How does life differ with your new awareness of its processes?
  7. @Walker thanks for this timely and thoughtful share, very considerate of you. The practice brings great benefits to immunity by facilitating the movement of lymph which has no pump and relies on your movement to get around the body. Like everything in life the more circulation, the more vitality. The TCM aspects you outlined were all news to me as I came to this same understanding but from a totally different approach. All roads lead to.. as they say.
  8. Ego

    I'm unfamiliar with that movie but that quote was enough to get me to check it out, thanks. OK, now this is very interesting. Do you subscribe to this ideology or did you share this to stimulate discussion? I'm not well versed on the ins and outs of Gnosticism but what you've said is quite intriguing so if you'd like to speak on this in more depth I'd be happy to listen and comment.
  9. Ego

    This is a surprisingly common thought in regards to the ego as so many people are aware of the parallels between the adversary and the traits of the ego but few take it any further to its logical conclusion nor fully grasp its implications. If anything one must applaud the ego for how slippery and elusive it really is because all the way from the plebeian to the adept and all points in between it holds so many firmly within its grasp and thrall. You've actually inspired my thinking in a phenomenal way with your presence stimpy, thank you.
  10. How/why does qigong work?

    This is an excellent perspective, really like the miracle aspect and it does make a lot of sense and leaves me with a renewed sense of appreciation. Thanks Yes, I agree. The reductionism that plagues the world is so myopic in its perspective that its no surprise it never hits the target with its gross over simplification as the subtle aspects are where the detail lies. With so much fakery in the world of internal arts and a lot of the woo woo that goes along with it however, not to mention rampant egos and the rest so you can't really blame them for not wishing to delve deeper in that respect but I do feel that genuine scientific research into the entire field of qigong, its mechanisms, actions etc... would pay such huge dividends for the human race because ultimately the current scientific method is to (attempt to) remove self entirely from the picture and then wonder why they ended up with a distorted image. Veering slightly off topic, consciousness and its primacy is something that once finally grasped will allow so many staid fields of human endeavor to seemingly take quantum leaps overnight because that is the way people thought back in the days and look at what they achieved whereas our drive is external, currently fixated on technology which ultimately is just the extension of our senses via mechanical ends, with most people having very sparse inner worlds and very little in the way of insight into the currents swirling underneath. The larger the net and wider its cast the more fish one can catch, as well as the occasional bits of flotsam and jetsam that swim in the stream but dealing with it all is the job of the fisherman. The question was broad on purpose, to encompass all of this realm so we could collectively shine the light of our individual wisdom across the field and see what we may learn. As I said above, a scientific research approach, with the practitioner as experimenter, would be most interesting but until that occurs one must stir the stagnant waters of places such as these and find the leads to what one seeks. I wonder who gets it. My posts contain a test for the minds optics.
  11. How/why does qigong work?

    Do you see that folks? Thats how you word a pitch. Do you work in sales? If not, you should. You could be the Starjumper of Wall Street I find this whole fascination with me quite amusing and if you intend to hold the real answer "hostage" then please don't share the public answer either. Keep both of them, sit on them for a while and see if they hatch into something worthwhile that will help fellow travelers along the way and then ask that quiet part of yourself if that insight is worth sharing and do what it says. Why does my lineage matter? Why does my practice matter? Why does any of it beyond what I choose to do? Have you ever considered that I don't want anyones cheerleading about my path nor am I concerned about their naysaying either? What if I'm just an element of you that is here to prod you out of your torpor and break up the miasma that surrounds this once vital community in its current state of disrepair? What then?
  12. Ego

    If you had to blame anything for whats wrong with everything why then you'd be pointing at the stage yelling "Its behind you!" to the befuddled actor, draped in robes reciting lines in this masquerade of life as he stumbled around, seemingly unaware of the egos nefarious presence and influence. Its such a strange thing. Everywhere and nowhere. Seeing as one of the great signposts on the path is the meeting, acceptance and dissolution of the ego I'd be interested in hearing from any of you have have wandered along this far or beyond as well as any general tales, insight, wisdom, techniques and whatever else may relate to the topic because I feel this could be a very fruitful discussion. Why do we have an ego in the first place? What is its purpose? Will this be on the test?
  13. How/why does qigong work?

    Very handy, thanks @steve it really is so mindblowing that you can move your body in a certain way and experience totally different states of consciousness. Things like this really make one wonder about existence, the fabric of reality and what it means to be here, now. Even as little as a few decades ago these teachings were highly kept secrets, passed down through generation from time immemorial and here we are with it all literally at our fingertips. Mindblowing. Of course the average person in the street cares not one jot about cultivation because they can't share it for likes and yet that same type of egoic perversion still manages to permeate this lawless corner of the internet, nonetheless, albeit manifesting in a more subtle form.
  14. How/why does qigong work?

    Yes, this is very true as I see transcendence and union as the goal of all paths, varied as they are and however they may dress it up as ultimately that is all we yearn for, whether we realize it or not. Also fully agree about the doing and inner aspects because its all about the experience which in many ways is ineffable but once you know, you know. I'd be interested in any books you wish to share on the topic as I haven't read much on the topic but at this point in my journey my curiosity as to the underlying rhythm and rhyme is quite high so feel free to share if you wish.
  15. How/why does qigong work?

    To act vaginal, as a man, means to be according oneself as a woman with a snarky, passive aggressive commentary instead of being a man and just calling it how it is. Was this post really necessary? Does it add anything of worth, whatsoever, to the thread and topic? And LOL at the spiritual forum, I've addressed that before and you should be well aware of my thoughts about this place and some of the people that inhabit it.