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  1. Is quantum physics bunk?

    Fascinating thread. The entire field is full of more faith, leaps of logic and contradiction than any religious text plus it also has the same zealous kind of adherents who are entirely intolerant of anything or anyone who profanes their "scripture" but yet are totally blind to this foible of their psyche. Its amusing really as that level of staunch faith and "of course we know what we're talking about... look it says right here... so obvious" mindset is identical to what was attached to religion before it. Another funny factor is how the gods of one religion become the demons of that which supplants it as thats evidently what happened here just as it occurred with indigenous shamanism before it when that switched over organized faith - each one a downgrade in terms of practical efficiency and results to what came earlier. I do believe, like most good lies, there is a kernel of truth in there that has been obfuscated with layers upon layers of abstruse reasoning to hide what is actually useful but all in all it really does point to a very interesting "flaw' in the way the mind of man works. Speaking from a hackers perspective you could almost say it was an attack vector which allowed the execution of malicious code with the dumb terminal being entirely unaware of the process...
  2. Best overall book on Buddhism?

    Thank you. Any suggestions for a similarly styled book that covers Daoism? Something with substance as before as well as nuance and subtlety would be appreciated.
  3. Best resource on Mudras?

    "I was looking for detailed technical clear descriptions of "why?" and internal mechanics" - exactly that. This info seems to be ridiculously sparse on the ground with so many monkey see monkey do approaches and very little shared knowledge on the inner workings of the process, the why behind the how. Inquiring mind want to know. I intend to check out Matsuo as this is my first time hearing of him and there is a huge thread on here about him to look through but it seems odd that the biomechanics of this entire area is just skimmed over, especially with the net and how people like to find niches and pimp them for all they are worth.
  4. The Sikh Path : Song of the Soul

    Can anyone who speaks both dialects verify that the translations actually say what the original says without mangling it sixty ways from Sunday? I've watched many a Japanese film in the past with subtitles that say something totally different to what was actually expressed and its always made me wonder if these scriptural Babel fish don't pull a similar trick on people who don't really know any better anyway. Same goes for texts like the Bible which have gone through many translations in tongue as well as countless other examples.
  5. What are your thoughts on AI and its coming implications?

    You smell like a troll. Dismissed.
  6. What are your thoughts on AI and its coming implications?

    Exactly my friend, exactly. People are caught up in the shine and don't realize - nor need to develop - their innate talent or abilities. I recently said how if you picked a random man and woman for 50 years ago and compared them to todays models the vintage version would be much more capable in so many respects and this in effect speaks of collective devolution under the guise of technological improvement. People generally don't feel the need nor use of flexing their mental muscle as everything is "one click away" but anyone who has been around the block once or twice can easily attest that the vast majority of people walking around these days are simpletons as it seems to be the default operating speed of most of the populace. What is most interesting however is that with a few well placed questions you can almost see them shaking off the torpor as they stop and think - for possibly the first time in quite a while - and wonder. Wonder. What a wonderful feeling it is to be full of wonder. I'll have to check that out as I do think that stories are far more important that people give them credit for as back in the days this was how the tribe passed its collective wisdom down to the next generation and that leads into the creation of myths, the collective unconscious and all manner of interesting things. Explain.
  7. What are your thoughts on AI and its coming implications?

    The cats know whats up. Pussy.
  8. What are your thoughts on AI and its coming implications?

    After reading this I don't have to assume you're an asshat because you've just proved it with your solipsistic reasoning. Don't bother replying, no need to explain yourself to me. You're done here. Good day. Indeed. Thats the gist of what I'm saying as aside from those who remember the old days without such digital devices we now have entire generations that were raised via screens and we're seeing adaptations and shifts in the kids neurochemistry and processing methods. A teacher told me the other day that kids attention spans are so fragmented these days that she had to switch up her entire teaching style into bitesize "memeable" bits of info as they couldn't process entire long chain concepts as they'd forget half way through. The implications of this are absolutely stunning and thats before we get into how such a large percentage of adults are under the thrall of their smartphones day and night. I truly view it as an addiction as it stimulates the same pleasure centers by design, much like people were happily doing morphine and cocaine back in the days because people didn't see the sides - that's where we are at with tech except by the time people realize that they'll already have implants that will internally censor that thought from coming to awareness...
  9. Wherever we look we see computers are up in your face which logically means they will soon be literally in your face as implants so people can get the "always on" hit they crave. Its blatantly obvious this tech is designed to be addictive and if what makes us perch atop the animals as an apex predator is our larger brain and what it endows us with what happens when silicon becomes king? Will we go the way of the neanderthal? I know we have a mixed bag crowd on here so am interested in hearing what you think.
  10. Automatic Yoga Recapitulation - reporting out loud what you're feeling/sensing as you lie there. This helps to strengthen the mindbody connection from the practice as you ease back into regular consciousness so you may say things like "A wave of energy has just gone through my body" "I'm aware of a tingling sensation in my left hand" "There is sweat on my brow" etc... Saying it out loud make its "real" and creates more of a real world resource as opposed to a temporary dalliance that occurs strictly on the mat and as such you compound your progress with each session. This is the "awareness walking around the vehicle" I mentioned, sans the metaphor.
  11. Automatic Yoga

    All good. As you feel (as opposed to think) into the flow you'll notice the "correct" transitions from pose to pose just occur naturally. When I say correct I mean you'll realize that "Oh, thats why this asna lead to that one because this energy was primed here to be used here" and it adds greatly to not only the whole experience but knowledge of self that comes along with it. I think of it like this, in the practice my awareness is a passenger of my energy which runs the show and unfolds as it wishes. After when I'm reflecting my awareness is walking around my vehicle, thinking about the ride its just been on, the sights its seen, what it learned about the machine and how best to use it. Then I get up off the mat, my awareness is behind the wheel and off we roll into the big wide world for another adventure, until the next.
  12. Automatic Yoga

    Care to share some of these grounding techniques of which you speak? Thanks Yes. The whole point of yoga is letting the pose get into you ie let your body/energy lead and the mind follows instead of the inverse you see in so many studios. The most important part of this is your awareness and the recapitulation that occurs at the end so a prolonged Shiv Asna is essential to absorb the practice and reconfigure the mind body from the nervous system upwards. One thing I do wonder is how do you know its a Kunadalini awakening? What led you to that conclusion because that experience is life changing to say the least and I feel you wouldn't be asking such an elementary question had you already crossed the threshold as you'd be guided from within. I'd be willing to wager you've just taken a tentative step toward awakening your energetic aspects (ie are on the path to Kundalini but not there yet) based on what you've said as it sounds like prana moving its way around the nadis.
  13. Best resource on Mudras?

    Would prefer something with a bit more substance than "Hold this to get this" as I'm wondering about the underlying process, what is actually going on in the mindbody to create said changes whilst performing them? Has anyone encountered such a resource along the way? I remember reading once that the origin of Mudras was from the sages of yore who got so adept at observing their awareness that they spontaneously started forming the shapes based purely on intuitive insight in the moment and it was only on reflection after, in regular awareness, that they began to document the uses which they shared but I'm still seeking something definitive as this area seems to be quite brushed over in contrast to say the minutiae of TCM. Thanks
  14. Best overall book on Buddhism?

    Great stuff, thanks for the suggestions guys as that appears to have covered every aspect. I really like the sound of these titles.
  15. Best overall book on Buddhism?

    Nothing specific please, no need to get bogged down in semantics and preferably more of the popular side rather than a weighty tome written in dusty tone but still wish it to have factual substance. The ones that got my attention were: Buddhism Plain and Simple - Hagen No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners - Rasheta But they seemed a bit thin and I'm seeking depth from someone impartial that knows and call it how s/he sees.