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    I actually meant "play" Taji, not plan. It's how my Sifu always said it. Though I do agree with you, it is carrying out a plan.
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    Hmm. No, I haven't ever made any videos. I've thought about it before. I'm not sure what I could present in the videos, besides what can be found about Xingyiquan already. I could record myself doing the meditation, explaining it, etc. Or doing Wu Xing, etc. If you let me know what you would like to see, I could demonstrate it. I can't do the two person forms at the moment, as I have no partner to do them with. Thanks, Wuji
  3. Wuji Style Xingyiquan

    Finding someone who wants to learn Xingyiquan normally is hard. Finding someone who wants to learn something more esoteric, that doesn't give belts and isn't like anything you generally see, it's hard. At the local gym here I helped open up, I taught out of it for a bit. I had a couple Taji students, though no one wanted to even try Xingyi. I wasn't teaching the entire system, as I don't think many would have the patience to learn it. On a side note, I believe Wuji is of extreme importance to Taji, though not as much to Qi Gong. It also depends on how you plan Taji. Some people do it far more physical, looking at it only as a workout, the same way people do Yoga, thinking Asana is the only aspect of it; and treat it purely as a workout. If you think about when you play Taji, and you have movements of nothing in your mind. This isn't forced, to force it is to lose it. These are moments of nothing, though your body can still be doing. This is when you reach Wuji. My Sifu told me that we are all like an onion, that we have many layers to us. That we already have Wuji, though these layers hide it from us. As we refine ourselves, we become more of what we are truly, and this is how we obtain Wuji. I saw my Sifu do very amazing things, some of which seemed to be truly impossible. His ability move and dodge any strike was...... impossible. I asked him how he did it, and he told me he didn't move fast, he moved slow, that his intent was to move fast. He had a saying, and I've read it else where, I just don't remember where. "When you reach Wuji, you do everything by doing nothing. By doing nothing, you do everything". My Sifu had extremely poor English, which is why I've gotten a little understanding of Mandarin now. Anyway, thanks for the reply
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    Thanks for the welcome Cosmic. It took a while to finally get here, though I think it will be worth it.
  5. Wuji Style Xingyiquan

    Hello everyone, this is my first post outside of the introduction post. I've tried to come on here before and ask the same question, though previously signing up hasn't worked for me. My reason for coming here is learning more about the Art that I was taught. I've done a lot of research on my own about this for many years now, though I haven't been able to find anything that I can document about the lineage online. I know that it is a different style of Xingyiquan, called "Wuji Style Xingyiquan". I also know that it is more esoteric then Xingyiquan that is taught most commonly today; the main focus being on obtaining Wuji. Through refinement of the 3 tressures to achieve one with the Tao, it also had more physical implications then this. My Sifu explained to me that the mind is part of the Shen, that it IS the Shen. Your consciousness isn't part of your brain, the brain is only the seat for the consciousness, that the Shen is what holds your memories, your consciousness, etc. I was told that through specific practices, development, and self mastery you can obtain Wuji, which he explained is a level of mastery, what he termed to be the ultimate Gung Fu. I've tried researching and learning on my own more about this, more deeply, and the closest thing I have come to know is that the practice, I think it's spelt "Taiding" in Mandarin, is similar to the yogic practice of Samyama. My Sifu once explained something that sounds very much like Samyama. He said "you become like an opaque jewel. You are transparent, though you take on the form of anything you wish, knowing it truly". To give you a background, I am 25, turning 26 this month. I have been learning this system sense I was 9 years old, up until the time I was 19 years old, nearly 20. This is when my Sifu passed away. The system has the 5 Elemental forms, the 12 Animal forms, some variation of the animal forms, some 2 person forms, 2 spear forms, 2 linking forms, and a couple more 2 person forms. Though the esoteric teachings of this seem to be very Taoist like in nature, which is why I thought this would be the best place to ask. I've seen his books, his own writings, and pictures of the lineage from in his own books. My sifu had no son of his own, and I was told that this was normally taught to the son, and it had been like this for a very long time. I was young when the lineage was explained to me, so I don't remember any of the names other then my Sifu. When he passed away, his sister had taken all of his possessions. I was suppose to receive the books, but I didn't end up getting them, she believed that they should stay inside of the family. Alright, down to the questions. 1. Has anyone heard of this style? 2. If so, do you have any idea where it originated? Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this, it means a lot to me. When I was young I wasn't as thankful as I should have been for what I was being taught, I thought I wasn't being taught something anyone could learn from just any martial arts studio. It took my years to recognize that I was being taught something special, though thankfully I have been gifted with a great memory. Thanks again to again who takes the time to read this. Wuji
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    Hello everyone, my name is Jered. I've been on this forum a few times, mainly as a lurker. I've tried to sign up in the past, though I have had issues with signing up before. Anyway, a bit about myself. I practice a family style of Xingyiquan, called Wuji Style Xingyiquan. This is actually one of the reasons I wanted to post here, I want to share the information with other people, so that the lineage doesn't end with me (as far as I know, being the only one alive who still practices it). Second reason, a lot of the practices correlate with Mo Pai, at least from what I've learned as of so far. My Sifu passed away a good few years ago, so I cannot ask him about the connection to other styles. Anyway, I will post more on this in a different section. It's nice to meet you all