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  1. Oh, oh, oh.... I am not haughtily disdainful - au contraire, I meant to ask an open minded question out of curiosity. I happen to believe in other worldly beings. I merely thought, one of those people that the question was addressed to would entertain the idea of adding to the discussion. Didn't realize that it would rise up strong emotions like these.
  2. Gravity Waves

    Thanks to the OP for this news item. Applications of advanced physics usually comes about after many years. I imagine a day, when people can design a device that can use & oppose the gravity waves using some clever mechanism. Then, we would not need fossil fuels. I can imagine a use in deep space travel, without the need for enormous amounts of fuel - spaceship would simply ride the wave. Sooner or later, we have to come up with energy sources other than fossil fuels.
  3. OK. Hundred posts have passed by, and the topic has not yet covered the a subject that i was waiting for. I have couple of questions, since many have reported interactions with other dimensional beings (higher or lower). I think this topic should cover this part of the discussion as well. Have you had this interaction when you are NOT under the influence of substances ? If so, how did the other worldly being present itself ? What makes you so sure that it is not a play of the mind ? (hallucination or some such are commonly reported).
  4. Something that came to my mind, when i read ......"So you seem to ask whether the lower beings/spirits can infiltrate a deity and then deceive one merging with a deity?"....... When there is clarity / concentration / wisdom of mind that springs from a wholesome foundation, there is no deception possible. Everything & every being is seen / known, for what it really is.
  5. Life after Awakening

    Since we are discussing karma, i have continued this discussion in the new thread that someone has started regarding "karma". We don't want to derail this thread topic.
  6. faith in karma or does it need help....?

    This discussion is about karma, so i am continuing a discussion (from another thread) with "Spotless" into this thread: Spotless said "Ones entire Karmic Load is zero - ones propensities and the strength/compression/rigidity of them is ones Karma." Steve has posted a good point in this thread. What is being described as "propensities / proclivity / patterning" has a cause. The cause of these proclivities / patterns / compressions, is the actions and thoughts from the past. This is my way of understanding your views/words, within my foundation /framework (ie. the Buddhist faith regarding karma). There is no good / bad as you pointed out in the other thread, but as Steve pointed out here, there is action & consequences; simply and justly, as a law of universe, nature delivers these consequences. Buddhist philosophy accommodates rebirth and hence the concept of karmic repercussions carrying over into many lifetimes. It is not necessary that a action bears fruit within one life span. Consequence is simply a law of nature - similar to how the physical / material world has laws of physics. I lack the ultimate wisdom/Enlightenment, to directly see these things in my own mind/experience. So, i choose to trust in the teachings of the Enlightened beings who have seen these truths directly in their experience.
  7. Since a man and woman appeared to you (in a dream, i am guessing)........ could it be to indicate that "you (maven?) are more experienced" than the other person who was working with you (a man i am guessing) ?? Perhaps subconsciously you held a feeling that your knowledge in spirituality and practices is better than the one who was assisting you ? What time of day did you do the visualization ? I am assuming it was during a meditation (or some such) ?
  8. This thread title is misguided and wrong. Ask most people who are over 70 and who are suffering from illness of body that naturally comes to most of the older population - i bet most would say they do not agree with your thread title. There is desire to live long, only when you think that this life is your only chance to live. But if you subscribe to the teachings of spiritual masters then you would have faith that rebirth (ie. going to heaven or hell in christianity) is inevitable. Then, human time span does not matter all, because birth and death are simply events of the infinite ONE - and we are part of that ONE. Why bother about death or for that matter even living ? Note that i am not subscribing or prescribing nihilism or suicide. For me, all that matters is living without too much suffering, as long as it lasts, on earth.
  9. I think you yourself answered your original question. This topic brings forth the importance of "sila (morality)" which is the basic foundation laid forth by all the highest religious/spiritual teachers that humanity has ever known. The foundation of righteousness/goodness/sila/morality is the protection/empowerment/preliminaries necessary, in order to know the answers you seek, without a hint of doubt.
  10. Life after Awakening

    Jetsun, Thanks for that wonderful quote from Tolle. It has expressed with clarity a feeling that i have not been able to express in words so clearly to even myself. I think the key word is found in the final sentence of that quote - "Purpose". In my contemplations, I have not been able to find any other "purpose" that is so luminous, as the "purpose of doing good to other living beings". This maybe just doing good to our family, or to our friends or to our nearby society, or to humanity itself (if one has the energy and ability to extend their reach that far).
  11. Life after Awakening

    Getting back to the original topic..... Spotless, thank you for your wisdom. I found resonance with the following words: "Try a diet of no judgement. Try a diet of no media when you can. If meditating is difficult go to a movie and listen to non-vocal music - choose a clean headspace - go driving." So, i will keep these in my mind. Ups and downs are waves of existence one must face. I will have to arouse energy to strive further in my path, and to integrate practices into my life. As you said, these positions/views have been built over many lifetimes and are not easy to let go. Sometimes i feel that it is ridiculous to think that one can overcome lifetimes of karma, with just my volition / free-will / energy / aspiration. Put another way, how can i think that my thinking/effort is enough to overcome the will of the cosmos/universe/God/karma/whatever-else-you-call-it. This has been a topic of my contemplations for some time now. I have found some answers/thoughts in this regard, but do not want to derail this thread further. Contemplations and theories should not interfere with practice and effort to further myself along THE PATH.
  12. Realization undermining life force

    Those pictures seem like photo-shooed to create awe inspiring images ?
  13. Realization undermining life force

    Wonderful to see your state of mind. I do not think this is PTSD in your case. I think a trauma can lead to one of 2 things: Negative states of mind, like Denial / depression / anger / PTSD etc. A trigger that tells us "hey, wake up and see through the fog of life". I would bet you fall under the second category. It has been my experience that, the deeper I delve into the mind and unleash this tranquility, the deeper rooted sufferings (that i have been withstanding for decades) come upto the surface. Then, i need to deal with tremendous amount of sufferings that i have been burying inside me (like you, i have an above average capacity to withstand suffering, and hence put up with more than i needed to, in life). Life and death do not seem to matter anymore, at some point. When you feel the ebbing away of the life force within, do not dwell on it - do not be in that rut. I think it is natural that as we get older, many of us instinctively & consciously feel that decrease of life-force. It helps if you have faith in after life / rebirth etc. Then, you can say that whatever you do or think from now on, will have "goodness as basis" (because this will result in a good rebirth). Spend your time reading or contemplating spiritual books/teachings. You need something that your mind can cling to, and strive towards. So, i suggest that you cling to the higher teachings of truly enlightened beings. Read their words (like Milerapa's songs or Carl Jung or J.Krishnamurthi or whoever else you like). In the absence of no clinging, you are experiencing that spaciousness and tranquility. Nothing wrong with it. As long as your remaining time is being spent for the well-being of yourself OR for others. You are simply dealing with the suffering that is deep within you, and it is better that your deal with it now, rather than carry it over to the next life (assuming that there is a next rebirth). Perhaps, craving for bliss or joy is creating the dilemma, this puzzle. In fact, i feel that this spaciousness, stability & tranquility that you feel may have subtle undertones of peace and acceptance; in fact this maybe better than the ups & downs of joy and sorrow. (If there is joy, it can not last forever ?) It maybe highly beneficial to talk openly to peers or a teacher, who has gone through what you are going through.
  14. To the TCM experts here....

    Thanks for that comments on porridge. I have had some pretty tasty congees when i travelled in asia. Need to look up some receipe online and start doing that. I have an automatic rice cooker that i can set up the previous night, and it will be ready in the morning when i wake up. It is lighter than oatmeal and hence makes for a easy start of day. I bought the "healing with whole foods" book, based on suggestion here - didn't expect it to be as thick as Bible :-) It seems like the only book i will need, in order to understand food approach of TCM, if only i can find a way to skim through it, for an initial surface level understanding..
  15. Safari jumps while editing new post

    I did not update my OS, but remember that i updated Safari to latest. Since i did not have this problem before few months, i suspect this is a Safari issue. I have searched the net a bit, and others have reported somewhat similar problem (but not while posting a message). It maybe the way safari is interacting with the Forum server, and it is possible that the Webmaster can fix this by looking at the HTML/JS code in relation with safari. This is very irritating and hopefully someone in this forum management will read this thread.