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  1. Hi Bruce,


    Do you still have the QInway Qigong DVD's for sale?


    I've wondered about this system for many years, as to whether it's simple qigong packaged as something more special or if it's the real deal. What is your view of the system?


    Kind regards,


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    2. bamboo


      Thank you for the warning,


      I am a Longmen pai practitioner since 2011 but before that when I was still searching for systems it was one that I kept harking back to. The price tag of $300 for the DVD always stopped me and I was suspicious about the qigong.


      What is your practice at the moment Bruce?


      Kind regards


    3. Bruce Qi

      Bruce Qi

      hey liam ,

      I am currently doing hunyuan , do you practice longmen with a teacher ? never really saw that system in terms of dvds etc


    4. bamboo


      Hi Bruce,


      I'm a student of Master Wang Liping.


      I tried the route of teachers and DVD's in the west but I didn't find what I was looking for - although I still use Dr Yang Jwing Ming's warm up exercises and Baduan Jin to get ready for a neidan practice session.