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  1. zhan zhuang feedback

    Thanks, everyone, for the kind and helpful comments! Maybe I'll post in the future a video where I'm standing more still, for comparison. Here I am purposefully tensing/stretching my shoulders as well as doing other things. As I suspected, that's not the 'right' thing to do in zhan zhuang. When I've sat more still in the past I sometimes will get some shaking, but in this video there is no shaking - it's all pretty voluntary movement.
  2. I recently recorded myself doing zhan zhuang to analyze my session. Playing the video at about 4x speed, I can see a lot of movement in the lower back (I am moving the shoulders as well, but those more intentionally), which somewhat resembles nauli kriya to me . When doing zhan zhuang I can feel myself stretching the spine, creating more space between the vertebrae, and I usually think of breathing into my upper back. One question I have is whether in the practice of zhan zhuang such movements are desirable or whether more stillness is desirable instead. Any other feedback is welcomed.
  3. Hello

    I am interested in yoga (hatha, kundalini, kriya), energy circulation, meditation, etc. Many times in the past, I've stumbled upon threads from this forum when searching for specific information related to my practice. I look forward to becoming a member