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  1. Levels of conscious mind residing...

    well presumably the benefits of posting this thread outweighed any negatives in causing a stir and the heated debate that followed?
  2. What are you listening to?

    it's sunny again, woop woop!
  3. anyone else feeling something about a couple of weeks ago, some type of shift in energy/awareness? seems like it was noticable and i got more lucid for a while, anyways.
  4. while this is true and i personally fall into the camp as a male with strong feminine energies, it's possible to take it too far. modern culture seems to be producing an abundance of yang deficient men who are choosing to retreat to the of world ideas, living in their heads and on the internet. a man should still lead a lifestyle that involves ample physicality and optimises hormone levels (testosterone) for maximum energy throughput. so the gentle, mindful introspective aspect to yin energy, absolutely, but it shouldn't manifest through ideological beliefs (i'm thinking feminists/SJWs) or being passive/inactive in the world. we should be embracing more feeling vs ideas when turning to our feminine side, because clinging to views is only ignorance. keeping a balance is key.
  5. TCM and yin deficiency ?

    orderable worldwide http://uk.iherb.com/Dragon-Herbs-Yin-Replenisher-Super-Potency-Extract-2-fl-oz-60-ml/34122 good to add the tinctures to this tea http://uk.iherb.com/Dragon-Herbs-Spring-Dragon-Longevity-Tea-Caffeine-Free-20-Tea-Bags-1-8-oz-50-g/21483 goji http://uk.iherb.com/Dragon-Herbs-Heaven-Mountain-Goji-Berries-8-oz-227-g/21555 rehmannia http://uk.iherb.com/Dragon-Herbs-Rehmannia-Six-Combination-500-mg-100-Veggie-Caps/33147 are also top yin building tonics. and obligatory advice to tone down the jerking off jing leakages are generally volitional (kammic) in nature, so herbs may only get you so far. best to get to the root if you can, balancing lifestyle, behaviours, attitude etc. shit can go pretty deep.
  6. TCM and yin deficiency ?

  7. Greetings

    greetings sir dank
  8. depends how your awareness is distributed. too much in the head then that's amplified that when retaining. cultivation is more about balancing energy and getting grounded than just upping energy levels. there's only so much retention you can do without negative consequences if your energy is disorganized. namely too much in the head, like most people these days. also from what you're describing it sounds like too much energy in the central channel. it's good to do practices that work energy around the entire body, all the organs, than just focus on things that build it down the middle. then you'll feel lots better and be able to retain more chi in general. but part of the process of getting grounded and balancing energy is you have to work through/release a lot of blockages. this is where the value of a real life teacher comes into play, it can be difficult territory if you're poking in the dark and reacting to stuff without really knowing what's going on. context helps.
  9. New guy says hi!

    nice username!
  10. Tao Bums Dating? (possibly?)

  11. Buddhist ajna chakra training?

    the path begins and ends with virtue. purification of mind is about refining virtue, through wisdom and insight, until there are no longer grounds to act in any selfish or ignorant way. and ignorance as we know is a rather large field. can't believe what i am reading in this thread. if people don't fully understand the heart but look for higher practices etc then you kind of miss the point of a spiritual path altogether. sorry for taking it off-topic again but in my experience this is an irrefutable aspect of any path. i find people on the internet generally overlook how refinement of character is integral and it's to their detriment. they would be better served by getting the basics straight, forget any chakra or energetics stuff for a while. and you can practice, receive teachings for years even decades and get nowhere in relation to this without proper guidance. i've seen it and keep seeing it. so if people want to dick measure as to how long they've been going at it etc, it's totally meaningless, lol. likelyhood is they've actually gone backward or at best sideways most of the time. and those who keep jumping from teacher to teacher etc, trying lots of different practices, it nearly always comes from their own restlessness. *drops mic
  12. What would your perfect life be like?

    take out the 'your' part and it's already perfect.
  13. as i understand it the grounds for people doing things is deeper than can be interfered with and if you do there are always consequences, often unintended. and if you could actually see how deep this process was you wouldn't want to try and change things anyway. we'll generally butt-in regardless. it can be impossibly hard to let things unfold around us without feeling the need to interject. but that's our own kamma/conditioning at work. the real love comes from being able to let things happen without a hint of reaction or needing to change anything. it's something that's resonated hugely on a personal level since receiving dhamma and an insight that matures over time. as you increasingly let go, stop gripping the experience so tightly, you get a better feel for when it may be appropriate to lend a helping hand and when you're actually being prompted by delusion, wanting to change the world etc. this can take a great deal of discernment, as we're extracting ourselves from the web of personal reactions to reside in a state of pure equanimity. it's kinda like the prime directive in star trek but applying it to every aspect of life.
  14. Hillary and Trump

    reddit has just banned the pizzagate sub, main hub of investigations away from the chans. i'm seeing blatant shills pop up in all sorts of places with the 'crazy conspiracy' schtick. they are despately trying to silence this one. interesting that the whole 'fake news' angle started being pushed at just the same time as... assange is also off the radar since the set of emails when curious minds became aware of spirit cooking etc. likely wikileaks is now compromised, massive DDOS attack & mismatching keys for some of the latest leaks.
  15. Hillary and Trump

    pizzagate is gaining a lot of steam and going viral. lots more evidence and connections being found, as well as moves to censor and remove the information from the interwebs. seems obvious this conspiracy is for real and sickening to the core. has to be the biggest scandal of all time, implicates all levels of western government in ritual child abuse, pedophilia and trafficking. david icke was right!