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  1. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    kot meet pettle.
  2. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    i think apech already said it. but there is a crowd for which shortcuts and dabbling in the ethereal is attractive. end of the day there are no skips with this stuff. problem is if you're lucky enough to be open to 'astral' level experiences all the more reason a solid foundation is important - cultivating equanimity & concentration before any widening your awareness. stuff that helps you in the here and now while prepping for anything else that becomes visible. from my short experience jeff's stuff was very much something is going on but dunno wtf is happening sort of deal. no insight there on the contrary.
  3. Daoist way to leave porn addiction?

    might also be useful to google 'nofap' and look at all the stuff that's been written about porn addiction (increasingly common) and the methods people have used to overcome this particular habit. dare i say you'll probably get more mileage than anything eastern or more esoteric in nature unless you're really good at connecting dots and/or can find an in-person teacher.
  4. Daoist way to leave porn addiction?

    sounds like one step along the way is loosening ones grip on how you feel about this particular habit and predicament in the first place. less fuel on the fire, as it were.
  5. Daoist way to leave porn addiction?

    try forcing yourself into a new environment, go on a trip or a retreat for a week or two. it's insightful to have some sort of detox and how it feels when you're unable to boot up the porn for a while. maybe find employment that forces you be around people and breaks some of the anxiety. also cold showers. can be a long path if you've buried a lot of stuff under this addiction, seek guidance from a teacher if possible. getting grounded and sinking energy is something to work on if you've spammed your brain with all this stimulation and arousal. good to have an exercise routine and make a habit of going outdoors daily.
  6. she should learn to love herself just as nature intended.
  7. not even 30 looks like a lot of work done on her face and will age horribly. i don't get it *shrugs* busty sure but is she even beautiful in the truest sense?
  8. i love a beautiful busty lady as much as the next man but honestly that lindsey pelas doesn't do it for me at all
  9. Levels of conscious mind residing...

    well presumably the benefits of posting this thread outweighed any negatives in causing a stir and the heated debate that followed?
  10. What are you listening to?

    it's sunny again, woop woop!
  11. anyone else feeling something about a couple of weeks ago, some type of shift in energy/awareness? seems like it was noticable and i got more lucid for a while, anyways.
  12. Is America trending towards Fascism?

    Lengthy but Peterson makes a compelling, academically grounded argument for why some form of fascism is more likely to arise from the left of the political spectrum. Namely, the overwhelming aversion associated with 'hate speech' and use of authoritarian tactics to shut down both people/ideas by the the politically correct crowd.
  13. Trumpcare

    at this point just let obamacare implode within the next couple of years, try and take none of the blame for it. like he said the negotation table will open the worse things get. if you can't go after big pharma hands and the real overspend areas your hands are tied.
  14. I have wet dreams 4-5 times a week. Help?

    sounds like a fun time! that is quite often though, surely more than is healthy from a dietry point of view. are you thinking about sex all the time or something? lol
  15. you can feel that what you do with your seed, has kammic influences - ie stays around until the next time. going full out purification can be a bit much, in the daily life. there's a balance to be struck, for sure. if your energy is not well balanced, grounded, you will play into the same habit patterns, renew that sense of lust, much more easily. i think i experience this like having a jar to fill up with energy, you chill out keep your breathing calm at all times, occupy your body increasingly, then more coherence can enter and work through the deeper blockages. i think you need to have some pretty good realizations to overcome lust, retaining semen alone as not the answer vs teaching, practice. a lot of our conditioning is based around some type of attainment or 'level' we will reach in the future, once we become satisfied and complete or whatever, basically lust.