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  1. the simple version would be to perserve virtue and attain more virtue to dissolve karma by being a good person, doing good deeds, and cultivating your mind body and spirit to return to your orginal self and accend beyond the cycle of life and death in this reality.
  2. hormones and meditation

    a balance of horomones and neural transmitters has a huge role on spiritual development.
  3. Human ghosts/spirits vs aliens/entities

    humans can become either a ghost or a spirit, depends what the person cultivates (or not cultivate). and aliens and demons are the same thing.
  4. Do Taoists get angry?

    We are all human, and all of us are connected to one other, therefore we will be bound to feel emotions as long as we exist in this world. Our own bodies will create emotions that we have to clear out by becoming healthy in mind and body, then spirit will be healthy too. Also our enviroment effects us, we have to learn to stay cool in stituations that test our emotions, and people or things will do that, so it is good to focus on having a good surrounding and people in your life to keep it positve and healthy. I personaly believe that a good diet and doing things to maintain your organ health are key overcoming emotions and dealing with them over all. Meditation on Compassion will also clear the mind. A clear mind and clean body will enabe a cultivator to have the self control they need to maintain there Virtue as emotions and sentement do stress us out unless kept positve.
  5. Hello Everyone!

    Thank You! I appreciate you all welcoming me!
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Sifu Amin Jani and I am new to this site! Looks awesome and I hope to learn and share tons of information with everybody! I have been studying martial arts for over 25 years. I mostly practice kung fu qi gong and tai chi. I teach classes at the local health club, and I run a website too! This page looks fun! Have a great day! Sifu Amin Jani