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  1. Hi, awhile back I was having problems with kundalini rising. It was getting stuck in my chest and other places and was pretty bad. I would have to hold strange positions to get it unstuck, didn't have anyone to really ask about it either.I posted on this forum 3-4 months ago and one of the users here (Perciever ) helped me out. He gave me some exercises, even did a skype session with me to show me them. They completely solved my problem for me, essentially just clearing out the orbit and strengthening it, but did the job nonetheless. Also thank you to Micheal Winn for the exercises in the first place. If you are having it get stuck in your chest or other areas try these out. I can't say for sure they'll cure your problem but they might help. Here you go: Exercise: Visualize and feel an energy 3 cms above the base of your spine. Let it gather energy there, and then move it to the point just below the navel, gathering energy. Then move it to the perineum, vibrating and pulsating as it gathers energy again. Move it up right above the base of the spine, and make the ball a bit bigger. Keep doing this a few times, and then enlarge the ball until it fills up all of the dan-tien. Then slowly spin the pearl around its own axis (forward motion) and feel it along its path. Then visualize a tube going out, forming the orbit and connecting with the pearl. It should go from the bottom of your belly up the back, over the head and down the front. Remember to put the tongue to the roof of your mouth behind the teeth (very important), and don't keep your legs crossed. Your feet should be resting on the floor so you are grounded. Please clasp your hands so the energy can move through your hands too. Now slowly move the ball up the back of the orbit AND spin it around its own axis (slowly). The ball should be so big so that half is inside the body, half is outside. This is done in order to scoop up excess energy in the body and clear out energy blockages. Once you have spun it around the orbit once, you have done one cycle. It is recommended to do several cycles until you feel it's enough. If you have energy blockages in a specific area, you can move the ball up and down that area a bit in order to clear out the blockages. At the end, spin the ball back up to the back and pull it inside the lower belly again. Now spin the ball around slowly several times, in order to focus the energy in your belly. It is advised to do it at least 30 times (you don't have to count). Pull the tube back in, and say haa-hooo-huumm 3x while maintaining the focus on the energy ball in the belly. Then say it 6x silently inside, while retaining your focus on the ball. Then you are done and can open your eyes. A few things to keep in mind: - Remember to have the tongue up, or the energy cannot pass through your head - If you have insomnia or excess energy, it is advised to spin the ball slowly and do the orbit slowly - If you feel a pull towards doing the orbit faster or at a specific pace, then try that - it might be more beneficial for you that way - It takes time to build this skill and some people need several weeks (sometimes even months) before they feel anything - Some light side effects are to be expected when first starting this exercise. I had some extra energy for the first four days. Was slightly irritating. Not all feel this though. - Once you get more proficient in the exercise, you may feel your body rocking and twitching. You may also feel as if air or water is flowing through your body. This is all normal and is a sign that you are progressing in the exercise. Here are some more exercises, translated from a Danish website but still useful. The wording might be weird but the message gets across. More Exercises: this three qigong exercises that can reduce kundalini birch entries. exercises cleanse the meridians in the body of blockages so energy will not encounter so many obstacles. while open to channels down to the ground, so you ground the energy of the earth. condition: at all three exercises are one in the same way: the feet planted firmly on the ground. most of the weight on your heels. Loin tilted slightly backwards. Straight back. Look straight ahead. # 1: At first exercise places in your arms out to either side, shoulder high. we must develop the energy channels that sit respectively. left and right part of torso.. then draws in the air in, and you imagine that energy coming from the bowels of the earth, up through the heels until the lower abdomen, and breathe out through the right and left sides of the body up to the shoulders, through the arms and fingers. then the other way: breathe and the energy coming in from the outside world, through the fingers and arms into the shoulders, down through respectively. left and right side of the body, down to the lower abdomen, down through your legs, through your heels all the way to the earth. do it in both directions three times in setting up the channels. Then breathe so that the energy enters the earth's core and the surroundings at the same time; So through your feet and through your fingers at the same time; until the lower part of the stomach and inflated out the same way again. # 2: the next exercise put arms outstretched in front of you. Now we need to develop the energy channels that sit on the front and back of the body. So gather energy at the shoulders that run through each arm. then draw in the air in and have the energy come in through the heels until the lower abdomen, and breathe out, and have the energy flow up the front and back of the body, gather in the upper chest level and through each arm to the outside world. then reverse: inhale, and the energy coming in from the outside world, through the fingers and arms into the shoulders, splits up and goes down along respectively the front and back of the body, down to the lower abdomen, down through the legs, through heels all the way to the earth. # 3: Exercise 3 is slightly different. Here we have to enable the central channel which runs like a tube inside the body from the perineum and up through the body and head. remember to have your tongue up and touch the flesh just behind the teeth when in doing this exercise. tongue acts namely as an energy bridge, so can transport the energy from the head and beyond. without the energy can get to "stuck" in the head and wreak havoc. place yourselves in the same way but keep your arms now in a prayer position with hands flat together, upper chest height, approximately 30 cm out of the body. then draws in breath in and imagine the energy coming from the bowels of the earth through the perineum, up to the lower abdomen, and breathe out (tongue up) and energy now comes up through the body, through the tongue, through the head and up to the sun. then the other way: inhale (with tongue up) and the energy comes from the sun, down through the head, through the tongue, down through the body (in the energy-tube), down to the lower abdomen, exhale and energy comes out now through the perineum all the way to the interior of the earth where the groundes. then both directions at the same time: breathe in and the energy coming in from the bowels of the earth and the sun through the body, to the lower abdomen, exhale and energy now comes out the same way again. proposes to make these exercises a few minutes every day. I'm doing three repetitions of each exercise. in the beginning you can maybe make a little more, to set up the channels. in the beginning it might also be good to first pull energy into one way, then the other way and eventually both ways simultaneously. after a while you just do the exercises where you pull energy into both ways simultaneously. I only ever did the first exercise that I posted very first but these ones should help anyone out who needs the extra help.
  2. Microcosmic Orbit and the water position

    Well I guess it doesn't matter, I was just curious. There's a quite notable difference in how the energy flows once you change position though so it does make a difference like cihan said. I asked this question because I noticed that if I do the sixth tibetan than I have to keep my tongue in the wind position other wise if I keep it in water it feels like the energy get's blocked somewhere and I get a head pain until I stop. So it was just curiosity really as to why I had to do that.
  3. Hi, I've been doing the water position for awhile (the tongue position) and it's really nice but I do have a question on how the microcosmic orbit looks after this. I've read some other threads on this topic but no one seems to answer it. How does the orbit looks after you switch to the water way? With the wind way I understand it goes down in a straight line from the forehead to the tongue but with the water way it doesn't seem like it's doing that. It seems like it goes up to the pituitary gland but after that I can't really follow where it goes or if it just merges back up with the wind way so that the only difference is that when the path gets to the third eye the water way has it go back into the pituitary gland then go down, and the wind way has it go straight down. The wind position looks kind of like this, although this looks like the fire position almost So does the water position look like this?
  4. Ketchari Mudra

    Thank you for the knowledge, so pretty much the Ketchari mudras effect is greatly diminished without proper guidance and instruction on how to use it?
  5. Ketchari Mudra

    What's the intention of practicing this exercise. I can only find vague references that it's "The best mudra" but nothing on what it actually does.
  6. Ketchari Mudra

    That's still something. Did you have to cut your lingual frenulum to use it? Or did you just learn to stretch your tongue?
  7. Ketchari Mudra

    Does anyone have any information on this? I recently just learned about the water way tongue position and I must say that it is the best. I was used to the wind way and I assumed that was the normal position but moving my tongue to the water way circulates the energy in such a blissful manner.I also read about the Ketchari Mudra where one takes the tongue and puts it into the nasel center? I'm not too sure exactly how it works. I'm not going to try it myself but I'd love information on it. Has anyone here had experience with this mudra? Here's a picture:

    What do you recommend? A acupuncturist or a qigong master?I live in Orlando by the way so if anyone knows of someone reputable please point me in the right direction.

    Thank you, I very much appreciate the help. Someone Pm'd me and helped me through it, plus I do think I had to take my consciousness elsewhere . The whole purple skin thing was distracting me but eventually once I moved my attention after I got help the urgency went away. Now my energy is still pooling there but it's not to the extent were it's very serious, I will try all your suggestions after I see if I need to keep my consciousness away from it for awhile. Thank you all again!

    It's not a medical emergency, I've been manually removing the chi that't been piling up and I feel way better but it still pools there if I don't manually do it. My skin is less purple on that spot but like I said the chi is still pooling there

    Please help, for some reason my chi is starting to pool at the base of my throat. So much chi has pooled there my skin started turning purple in that spot. I feel like I'm going to pass out, I keep doing the orbit but it doesn't seem to be helping much, the chi will unpool a little and then pool again. Please help I really don't know what to do.
  12. Qigong; eating a bland diet

    Could you please expound on that?
  13. Qigong; eating a bland diet

    Do you have any advice on where to look?
  14. I've heard that following a bland diet has some interesting benefits. I've heard this mainly from the qigong/ martial arts side but I really can't find information on this anywhere. If anyone on this forum has knowledge about why the bland diet has benefits or even done it themselves please share, I'd love to know.
  15. Kundalini energy, how to direct?

    Oh... I think we might be talking about something different then. I wish it was that though, well (from my limited knowledge) I know that there's this certain energy that is located at the base of your spine and it can activate and start travelling up your spine out the top of your head. I've read some reports on it and it's a little different for everyone. Some people feel warmth travelling calmly up the spine and out the head. Some people, where the energy doesn't come out so clean or where a large amount is release all at once, are in agony. It can disrupt your normal lifestyle since some weird things start to happen.In the beginning when it first started to happen to me I thought it might be kundalini since I heard some things about it but I brushed it off thinking it was nothing. Well fast forward three years and it's still happening and now I can without a doubt feel it and I know it's not just in my head. It's kind of like chi when you first start qi gong, you can't really feel anything in the beginning but slowly you can feel it more and more till its undeniable it's there. It's the same thing with this, in the beginning I didn't really feel anything which is why I was able to brush it off but now it's undeniable. I just needed to clarify so that if someone else is reading this and it happens to them they don''t brush it off like I did, it's better to be prepared for this because once it starts it doesn't just go away.As for the energy travelling down, it can happen and the worst possible things are supposed to happen when it does. It almost happened to me once, I felt like I was going to pass out but I was somehow able to get it going back up again. Stuff like that is what's scary because even though if done properly it's supposed to be a big boon if done improperly it can mess you up.