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  1. Thoughts on homeopathy

    I agree with Taomeow - homeopathy is only really effective when one is treated by a classical homeopath. And, in my experience, a single-remedy classical homeopath. Taking 'homeopathic blends' allopathically is not the most effective approach. It's about a person's vital force. not necessarily about symptoms. I would add Hahnemann Labs to the list of quality remedy producers.
  2. Upper Dantian 101, please . . .

    Would you be willing to elaborate on some of your experiences when you did not use extreme caution? What we should look out for?
  3. Will to resist the flu (and other illnesses)

    Also HIGHLY recommend having dried elderberries around. As soon as you suspect something is taking hold, simmer for 20 min a couple of tablespoons of them in a quart or so of water with a couple of inches of sliced fresh ginger root and a few cloves. Drink a half a cup of that every hour or so until it's gone. You could even just make a batch occasionally for a boost. I second Cheya's well wishes!
  4. How does your Garden Grow

    For sure! We're lucky enough to live in a 3-season gardening zone in NC, and we've had kale out of the garden all winter this year because it's been oddly mild. Right now sugar snaps are sprouting, leeks and garlic are fattening up, and we've got starts going for lettuces, peppers, tomatoes and basil. Soon we'll direct sow beets, daikon and edamame, as well as different perennials that we're experimenting with to attract beneficial insects. Bummer about the coffee ground supply! We've taken to top dressing blueberries and azaleas with the grounds - they seem to really like it. Roses too. Our experience with brussels' is that row cover is necessary because of cabbage moths. Maybe not an issue where you are, but keep your eye out - they will feast on the tender goodness if they're in the neighborhood. Nothing beats the taste of home made brussels though! Worth the effort. Thanks for the thread - fun to be anticipating the bounty...
  5. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    Or maybe one of the ways that Lakshmi experiences the Feminine is simply unacceptable to you?
  6. Tulsi (Holy Basil)

    We start them from seed, around 60 days to flower. You could probably grow it indoors in a sunny window.
  7. Tulsi (Holy Basil)

    We grow it here in western NC with no problems - it actually seems to grow itself and spreads easily. A favorite of bees, too. Nice always having fresh and dried tulsi around...
  8. your favourite verse and Why?

    I love chapter 20 in all its myriad translations, including and especially yours, flowing hands: 20 Give up learning, put an end to your troubles. Remain and dwell in simplicity. I am contented, for I dwell in the infinite; the Dao is full when it is present in the heart. Others enjoy the feast, but I am alone and wandering, drifting with the wind. Open and yielding like a new born babe. Innocent and simple, for I am nourished by the Great Mother of all thing,, Others have more than what they need, but I alone have nothing. I seem foolish and confused, but I alone am aware and alert. Other Men seem sharp and clever, For my simplicity and innocence appears dull and stupid to such Men. I drift like the waves of the sea and follow the flow. Everyone seems busy, but I alone am without desire and uncluttered. I am different, for I am nourished by the great Dao. It speaks to both where I am - clueless, and where I aspire to be - okay with that and simply surrendering to the flow of the all that is.
  9. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    Hi rideforever - I'm wondering if you can explain a little more how this relates to TTC Chapter 16? Thanks
  10. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 16

    Would anyone be willing to elaborate some on the idea of constancy in the Feng/English version? What do you take that to mean or be saying?
  11. Hand Pan

    Here's a beautiful piece done by some folks I study percussion with. They're playing a chromatic set of saraz handpans:
  12. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 61

    I don't seem to see that in any of the translations...
  13. Anger Aversion Women Power

  14. Anger Aversion Women Power

    Hi NeuroscienceandDao, really interesting topic and one I was just discussing with a friend the other day. For me, anger and how I express it (or don't) has had a few roles, and has been a barometer of sorts along my path of personal growth. When I first started looking in the mirror in my twenties I thought I just didn't get angry, only anxiety ridden. It took a while to connect the dots between anxiety, depression and anger. When the time was right, some truth-tellers came into my world and called me out on the nasty, passive-aggressive comments that could come out the sides of my mouth at times. Wait, maybe I do feel anger... A few more dots were connected. Next came learning to 'express' when I was angry, which was really just crying and babbling incomprehensibly. A little more practice and some mindfulness work and then I was able to have a conversation with someone if I felt anger. I've been fortunate to have people in my life capable of holding a big space while I learned to be angry out loud. Now when anger arises I'm mostly dis-identified with it, it's more of an indicator to explore what might have triggered it. It's becomes more working to resolve a misunderstanding or letting go of the need for someone to agree with me or identifying a soft spot I'm trying to protect than anything else. On very rare occasions I have used a well-placed temper tantrum to make a point or affect an energy shift. Exhilarating, but maybe not the best choice in the long run. All this to say that, in a way, my relationship with anger has been an indicator of how free I felt to be fully present and authentic in a given moment. It's been a journey from being imprisoned by it to using it as a tool and nothing more.
  15. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 20

    So... Why are there any other chapters in this text? Thanks Jeff and Flowing Hands for making this more accessible and even more profound.