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  1. Li Ching-Yuen

    Thank you for your answer. But you think that article is a lie ?
  2. Li Ching-Yuen

    Hello eveyone. I've been reading stuff about taoist and I found an interesting article. But I find this very hard to belive. I mean, if that article is true, how almost no-one knows nothing about it ? And if he got over 200 kids and despite of this large number, how you don't see any of them on other articles or at the TV ? And how about The Record Book where the maximum age was around 120 years ? Why he doesn't exist in The Records Book ? And why did he has over 20 wifes ? Why couldn't he teach the first wife how to live long like him and be both over 250 years old or close to 250 years old ? What do you think ?
  3. Hello everyone!

    Thank you!
  4. Hello everyone!

    Hello eveyone! Glad to be here and glad that I had the idea of typing on google "taoism forum", and now here I am typing this message in which I want to tell you that I would like to learn more about this culture, religion and lifestyle.