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  1. A woman's true power

    Idiot_Stimpy, on 01 March 2015 - 11:21 AM, said: I want to add that I believe a females true power comes from the same place as a mans true power. That is, in their own being, ____________________________________________________________________ I agree, I think one of the things that is causing such problem in the human condition is that we seek our sense of sense or worth and value through external sources rather than nurturing that which is within us and loving and embracing our whole being as imperfect as it is. As we forget to connect to our true seat of power within us it dissipates and we weaken ourselves. If we are to be truly strong and vibrant beings then we must nurture that which is within ourselves until it shines ____________________________________________________________________________
  2. A woman's true power

    Star-Lord, on 22 February 2015 - 06:18 am, said: "The way I got Kristina, she wasn't talking about that kind of power at all. She was talking about women being in need of remembering and cultivating their female or Yin power. Things like understanding, nurturing, compassion, love, intuition" ____________________________________________________________________________ That was exactly my point. The way I understand Yin and Yang is there is never completely one without the other. It is not that as women we should suppress our Yang qualities, I am not talking about suppression at all. What I believe is that we need to refocus on what we should nurture, as women we need to nurture and express our Yin nature. Allow it to flow out of us naturally like a song or a dance. As women in relationships it is a delicate balance. How to be truly Yin without being a “doormat” or a “push over”. The way I see things, is if my partner is in tune with the natural order of things and believes and lives according to the natural way of Tao, as I respect and elevate him as king in our home then his natural response will be to love, cherish and elevate me as queen in our home. How do we elevate and nurture the “Yang” in our partner while at the same time making sure we never tolerate abuse or disrespect? How do we nurture the “Yin” within ourselves so that it becomes a healthy expression of all that it can be within us? I am no expert and do not pretend to have the answers, the truth is I am still figuring it out and I am hoping that the discussions that we have in this forum will stimulate new ways of thinking and being. Yang feeds into Yin and Yin into Yang and the song it expresses can be a beautiful one if we will just get out of our own way. If we stop trying to “control” the universe around us, stop living in fear of what might be or regret of the past and we become mindfully aware of the moment we are in while embracing our natural place in it the order of it, then life becomes very different. I have seen very vivid examples in the last few months of the extremes of both. When Yang and Yin are out of harmony in the home then strife and discontent arise and the blessings seem far removed. On the contrary, when Yang and Yin are singing together again the way they should, then love, harmony and blessing arise in the home.
  3. A woman's true power

    Creation sings with a dual song, both a masculine and feminine voice quite distinctly different from each other and it is vital to the ongoing prosperity of creation that both voices are clearly and powerfully heard. Modern feminism tells us that in order to be "powerful women" in society we have to be more like men. We have to be equal in strength if not stronger, we have to fight harder, we have to think like them and act like them. More than that, we are taught to think that in order to be "powerful" we need to go into the workplace and beat the man at what he does, take him down, displace him and prove that we are better, stronger, more able and that "WE DON"T NEED MEN". What has happened in my opinion is that we have fought for so long like men, trying to be better than and equal to them in an unnatural state of being for so very long, that we have lost sight of what it is to be women. In fighting to be men, we have stepped away from our source of strength and power. The woman's true "power" is generally not in physical being, our strength, our "seat of power" is different to that of the man and the world needs us to understand and operate in that strength, it needs us to sing our song of female power clearly and unashamedly. For so many years, I did not like women and I resented the fact I was one until the day I realised that it was not femininity that I resented, it was the twisted image of femininity that I saw and heard in society around me. I thought men were "better" because they "told it like it was" not like the girls that "smile to your face then stab you in the back", but that is not what being a woman is about nor is it the natural Taoist way of a true woman. I want to say this today, and I want you to get it, to really, really get it, being female is not a problem, it is not about being passive or whining, being a woman, a confident woman who stands in her power as nature intended us to is about being passionate, creative and powerful. We are designed to protect the heart. It is up to us to speak the language of the heart and become guardians of it, raising and elevating life around us. As women, we are the ones that see things in our children, our partners and our friends that no one else can see and yet the image of women in this world has become a twisted one of manipulation, tearing down, gossip and backstabbing...Sisters, this has to stop!! We have to rise up and awaken, we have to set the standard for what feminine virtue truly is. We need us and the world needs us to be powerful female guardians of our hearts and the hearts of the ones we love, it is our privilege to raise them up and elevate them so that they will shine bright in the sun and in doing so we will shine because we are operating in our natural state of being. Hearing all of this you could assume that I speak with a voice that says the woman is to be subservient to the man. This could not be further from the truth. I do not believe the male is superior nor is the female inferior. We are Co-leaders and co-guardians of this world and it is time we did it properly, male and female in harmony playing their appointed part. The truth is I love men, it saddens me to see so many have lost their way in a world where women no longer lift up, honour, respect and celebrate the raw, divine masculine power that is their make up. On the contrary, they are manipulated, humiliated, castigated and torn down and it is to the detriment of the world around us that this has happened and that we have allowed it to happen. I also love women, it saddens me to see that so many have lost their way in a world where men no longer treasure, cherish, love and celebrate the divine feminine essence that is their make up. On the contrary, they are controlled, dominated, despised and rejected and it is the detriment of the world around us that this has happened that we and our men have allowed it to happen. Men have hurt women and we have lashed out with an incredible fury. Women have hurt men and men are lashing out and the cycle continues in a state of destructive madness. Before this madness takes hold in an irreversible nightmare, women everywhere have to wake up and know who we are and where our true power can be found in order to heal the world around us. Becoming men is not the solution to what ails us, we are an answer to what is needed in our world and the solution is to be women, to love being women and to embrace our divine feminine strength and step into our power.
  4. Hello

    Hello, my name is Kris and my partner told me about this site. I've been on the path of Taoism for approximately 18 months and have recently started exploring what it means to be a Taoist woman in a society that is full of unbalanced teaching when it comes to femininity. It's a journey and I don't always get it right and I was hoping that as I read some of the posts in the women's cultivation area it may just help.