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  1. Look up World Thi Chi Day. I enjoyed my hour and having the Knowledge the wave went around the world.
  2. Yea, I "stand like a tree" during lunch on the yard at the back or the factory where I work. Check out "stand still be fit" youtube vidios they were on England's PBtv. It would be an easy search. I also do walking meditation or some other qigong. If you don't find Zhan zhuang day 1 with a quick search leave me a message. To cultivate Qi you got to do the work don't worry about details that is what study is for, ask teachers questions you have! don't lisen to answers you have not requested (with a question.) go play and enjoy the now at lunch. sward
  3. Thanks, the info; was confirming. The personal awareness of a Christian seeking and obtaining enligntment, as expressed in this interview, is what this forum "Tao Bum" is about. sward
  4. walk in the woods

    I took a walk in the woods. as yang flashes, i walk in yin where carreses of zin leaf on my skin. sward yea the sun peppered thru the shade "yin and yang" the leaf of the tree brushed my skin I was present.