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  1. Pammachon: Martial Art of the West

    It sure is taking a long time, although I am downloading it in sumatra and the net here is notorious. I dont suppose it can be put on somewhere faster.
  2. Grand Entrance...

    Oh I see, trying to push up the welcome count eh mr, oh no, I'm not buying it. hehe. You guys should have a welcome post tally. thats great fun. points for the fastest welcomers. dankers for the carpet, many obliged.
  3. Chinese and Tibet?

    my concern in all of this has always been on the Chinese authority, whose educational practices promote imperialism. I taught some students form shanghai and when I asked what they thought about tibet and taiwan, they said war would be justified because the land was historically, China's. When I asked, what if every one in that country wanted to be independant, the idea was rejected, on the basis that the land was Chinas historically. Chilling. Wonderfull kids mind. I blame the education. watch the Dispatches episode on China in Tibet, to see why there is violence against the Han Chinese in Tibet. It's not fair on the individuals when people think in general, people created, terms.
  4. Grand Entrance...

    Ahah, Yoda huh. Look forward to it. Actually I caught Dynamo Jack on sky a few years back. Out of all the things on display, only he made me stop drinking my tea and pay attention. I do travel but not into Asia yet. My next destination will be Uzbekistan, and western China but if I could ever catch up with and see John Chang's practice, I'd have to change it to SE. Indonesia instead. But as I gather it would be fruitless even if I could find his surgery. Meanwhile, I'll just stick with what little I know.
  5. Grand Entrance...

    wow, quite a .... resigned community. 40 views, 1 welcome. Cheers though. looking forward to looking around.
  6. Grand Entrance...

    Hey guys. Clearly new here. Good to be here. I came here via searching for more information on Dynamo Jack. Best let the fella be now though eh. I noticed a few variations in concepts on how to use energy, I was curious if we have any dictionary definition types here who summarise these things well. I'm aware of Sikh practices of Kundalini Rising, and the Western interpretation of Eastern practices single spinal channel Chi, and new age white light through the top of the head practices for healing. I was curious if things are a little more defined and complex than that. Also what this communities views on them are. The main site you'll find me on is TJW if anyones heard of it. If you remember that census where everyone put Jedi as thier religion. Well TJW guys meant it. While you wont find me classing myself as such. A few good friends are, so if I slip and say force instead of energy, it's because thats what I'm used to. Also open to all jokes and questions about my regular community.