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  1. Christian Qi Gong Masters !?

    PS. I ONLY SAY THIS ONE TIME HERE BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A THREAD ABOUT THIS SUBBJECT BUT YOU ASK ME SO I ANSWER THE MODERATOR OF THIS FORUM CAN DELETED OR MOVE MY ANSWER TO OTHER PART OF THE FORUM IF NESSESARY: REINCARNATION CONTRADICTS A BELIEF IN CHRIST BECAUSE: REINCARNATION IS AGAINST THE ATONEMENT OF CHRIST Christ took the sins of the World( for those that repent) and died so we can be resurected so if you belive that there is not a eternal god and that you can be save only by die many times (reincarnation) and coming to the World again to Another body until you reach perfection or be a god then you can not belive that Christ is the only saviour that can save you from your sins and the one that had made posible after you die to have a body for ever. ps. 2 see in the bible for example Hebrews 9:27 1 corinthians 15:20 luke 22:44 i will glady discusse this more with you if you want but then tell me were in this forum
  2. Christian Qi Gong Masters !?

    Hi 9th thanks for the information i will look more about the yogi
  3. Christian Qi Gong Masters !?

    Hello friend Stylianos Atteshlis is not really Christians you know in this World the are many people saying they are Christians but they really are not some even dont belive Jesus is the saviour then how can they say they are Christians any way in this homepage: meggaessays it says Stylianos belive in reincarnation etc ps. i dont know how to put youtube videos or homepage so you can go to the link and see these are not really Christian Masters
  4. Christian Qi Gong Masters !?

    ok i had Another one to research BUT DO ANYONE KNOW SOME ONE THAT IS IS A RELIGIOUS CHRISTIAN TEACHER THAT GOES TO CHURCH AT LEAST IF NOT EVERY SUNDAY AT LEAST SOMETIMES TO TIMES OR THAT SAY SOMETHING LIKE: I BELIVE IN JESUS CHRIST AS THE ONLY SAVIOR OF THE WORLD? I wonder if there a really chinese or asian Master that lives in this World that are a high level Qi Gong teacher? why i say this? i just found that Mantak Chia can not be really Christian at least not like you say a religious christian like myselft because he Mantak Chia say he belives in reincarnation according to some pages i had read in the internet and it seems even in his homepage, you see IT IS IMPOSIBLE TO BELIVE IN REINCARNATION AND BELIVE IN JESUS CHRIST, BECAUSE REINCARNATION PUT DOWN ALL THAT JESUS CHRIST DEEPLY REPRESENT! Regards
  5. TheChristianMagus

    about Qi Gong Masters that were or are Christian and that can be found today in China or any were in the World. i had make a thread in this forum call Christian Qi Gong Masters !? regards
  6. Christian Qi Gong Masters !?

    Thanks very interesting their Music resemble much like the Ensemble Organum that i like very much! But i dont find in the article you put it if they train some kind of air exercice like Qi Gong Masters they train meditation that is good i didnt knew about these Hesychasm, so i going to try to buy some of their book if i had Money or to read them online if posible. Regards
  7. Christian Qi Gong Masters !?

    Good to know i hope the person that had put the video then tell the name of the teacher that use to read the new testament ps. i have not negative energi when i train qi gong Is really Mantak Chia Christian? i going to see if i find prof in his homepage, he at least say he doenst belong any Church that is allright but then it use to happen that when you dont have a christian Church to visit at least then to then you may not really understand what is christianity also i see hi have sexual "kind of course?" this may sure be against christian so call "laws" any way i going to research more about this guy. Do any one know if he is born christian or the history of how he converted to christianity? do any one knows about other teachers? i mean it can not be just 2 or 3 christian qi gong teachers in the whole World right? or all allmost all buddism and taoist or maybe some ones with no spiritua belifs at all? sorry my English but i dont know if there is nay spellchek in this homepage in the free online spellcheking i can not put back the text here when i had chech it i don't know why. Regards
  8. Christian Qi Gong Masters !?

    Hello I wonder if anybody knows or have information about Qi Gong or similar Healing Masters that were or are Christians? I would like to read their Life, history etc about these Masters here. Regards
  9. TheChristianMagus

  10. TheChristianMagus

    Hi I am Christian and I am searching for information.