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    Hi- my name is Sasha. My home is in France, but during the next 6 months (or perhaps more) I will be staying in the United States with some friends who wish to expand their businesses into international companies. My friends are intelligent, talented and very sucessful in business; also they are wonderful, positive and fun people (or they would not be my But they speak English - almost exclusively. They need me because I understand business AND speak several languages. I am sorry for boring Intro... I am very excited to find your forum. It is the first I have joined in the US! I was trying to learn more about the Tai Yi Shen Shu and have spent 2 hours reading your website. Many fascinating and intelligent insights; perhaps all you scholars will assist me finally to make a concentrated study of Taoist philosophy texts so that I might integrate them into all aspects of my life at fundamental level...... I want perhaps to comment on the post which attempts to find parallels between the I Ching and Tai Yi Shen Shu. I am forming an alternative analysis of the passage you cite in your posting. However, all previous commentators have such impressive comprehension of texts that I will look like idiot. I will sleep on it. Or maybe not... I have insomnia - note this very long, dull greeting message I am writing at 4AM :-) -Sasha