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  1. Problem with Energy in Semen Retention?

    I feel a loss of energy both mentally and physically. I wouldn't say its a flatline since I have urges and normal erections all the time anyway. I feel I have libido, and still kinda social around girls, but I started feeling shy around them as well. I'm gonna probably go to a doctor next week and explain the situation to him. Maybe get a urine analysis or check for prostatitis. If nothing is found, then I guess I'll have to assume it's a flatline of some sort. Also, on day 7, I can go look in a mirror and I'll see a glowing face with eyes outlined and bright skin. Nowadays, I look tired like the chronic masturbator I used to be. Also, I noticed my acne has completely disappeared, which I'm guessing is related to a loss of testosterone.
  2. Problem with Energy in Semen Retention?

    Thanks for the reply. I started NoFap on Reddit a year ago, and I got interested in the idea of raising testosterone and how beneficial it is to retain sexual energy. I then found this forum where I learned some Taoist exercises and so on. I've done it on my own, yet I never actually did any of the "multi-orgasm" and "stopping ejaculation" techniques, which involve the "million dollar point" technique. I think those could cause damage. All I did was refrain from orgasm and pornography.
  3. Problem with Energy in Semen Retention?

    I tried ejaculation several times a few days ago to see if this would reset anything and get back my sexual energy and/or testosterone. Still nothing. Maybe I should temporarily quit semen retention? Deer exercise hasn't helped, and even though it's supposed to bring up sexual energy to your head and through out your body, I feel like I have no sexual energy down there to be brought up. I also noticed that I don't have wet dreams as often, yet I experience strange orgasmic sensations right as I'm falling asleep. It happens when I'm still conscious of it, yet I don't know how to stop them. Maybe they are the problem? Maybe it's an enlarged prostate?
  4. Totally agree with this. Recently, I went on a 92 day streak of masturbation abstinence. First two week were nice, yet around day 72 I felt like I did not have that testosterone energy anymore. I tried masturbation on day 92, and on day 7 I did not get a testosterone spike. It felt like it stayed the same.
  5. Problem with Energy in Semen Retention?

    In my other post, I wrote about nocturnal orgasms. I know it's sort of the same issue, but I feel like they're still seperate. I can delete the other thread if necessary.
  6. Problem with Energy in Semen Retention?

    I felt powerful and energetic from the testosterone or whatever else it's called. I had no brain fog, had a glowing face/skin and could easily focus during meditation, along with many other things such as confidence and reduced anxiety/negative energy. Now, that's all gone and I feel exactly like I felt before I started abstaining from masturbation which was a year ago. I believe there's some sort of blockage.
  7. A year ago I began to practice semen retention. More specifically, I would orgasm once a week in order to reach the maximum amount of energy from testosterone. It is said that a male's maximum testosterone levels are on the seventh day of ejaculation abstinence. About a few months ago, I decided to abstain from all orgasms/ejaculations/masturbation for 90 days. To suppress wet dreams, I practiced the Deer Exercise, a Taoist technique. Doing this exercise, I still had nocturnal emissions, but they were significantly less frequent. About a month or two ago, around the 72nd day of my abstinence streak, I felt like I had lost all my energy that I would normally get from semen retention. After about 20 days of hoping that it would come back, I had allowed myself to ejaculate in order to see whether the energy would come back 7 days later. I didn't. I tried again, and still low energy on the 7th day. Right now, I'm 18 days in, and I feel I have no energy/testosterone. I'm not too familiar with many of the meditation techniques stated in these forums, but if anyone knows what could be causing this (energy blockage, semen leakage, etc...), please tell me. I am thinking about pausing this semen retention practice and to allow myself an orgasm everyday for a week. Possibly this might help? I tried meditation but it didn't change anything. Thanks!
  8. Semen Retention Problems

    A while ago, I read about semen retention and how it's allows one to retain sexual energy and raises testosterone. In order to prevent wet dreams, I started practicing the deer exercise, which seems to have helped. However, a month ago I started having weird orgasmic sensations in my sleep, yet these are not wet dreams. I wake up from this feeling and I feel all my sexual energy has gone somewhere, because for the next few days I feel tired, depressed, and so on. This has been happening every 3-4 days for the past month and I have tried meditation to drinking sage/chamomile tea. I'm not sure what other methods there may exist but does anyone know what could be happening? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello everyone!

    Hi everyone! I am a teenager from Russia. I practice semen retention, and I was brought to this website from another forum and I am interested in trying taoist practices! Thanks!