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  1. Another reason to practice

    Same here in the middle of germany but with those big flys that suck blood haha ,back then when i did my 4 hour zhang zhuang sessions barefoot in the time it was like i had like 10 at the same place and it was really bleading! I was crazy back then like i just trust in god continue and endure everything.i also noticed that bites became less and when i was swimming with friends at a small river they were bitten like ten times more then me. The funny thing is those flys inject a kind of antiseptic at the end of their meal , so if you kill them or just send them away before they are ready it will itch! Dont know about mosquitos...
  2. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    I would just say try to be more consistent when i started i forced myself to do 20 minutes every morning before was hard but i continued then from one day to the next it felt great and since then its "hard" to not meditate in the morning. Try to see the boredom as a challenge.
  3. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    Sorry i meant since when you are meditating?
  4. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    For how long do you meditate?
  5. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    If you meditate... first let the mind become still by observing thoughts without rating them.After thoughts are gone emotions will come to the surface on their own.So then you do the same with them.Also if bodily sensations come up like maybe pain in the stomach do the same with them , just observe and relax/let go.Sometimes the emotions doesnt have to come up this way they will change after the blokadge is gone. Also paida qigong is a good way i think because through the patting you will feel the organs more while the vibrations also help releasing. Healing sounds are also good.
  6. change name request

    Can my name please be changed to natursein ?
  8. Santi for the lungs : but other organs ?

    Maybe also look up unicorn stance, i only experienced it during "spontaneous qigong" , so i can not say how to do it but it was one of the most interesting positions " i was moved into" it feels like the weight transfers from one leg to the other when you are sung enough. To Rocky Lionmouth: I think i also experienced the posture you described , i dont remember exactly, maybe it was with sword fingers ... but it was quite more demanding then hugging the tree in a deep position which i was eaysily able to some years ago in a very deep stance for half an hour.I find that very interesting.I once read somewhere that at some point in "training" its more about how intense you stand then how long , i think i am at a point where i am getting this.
  9. Imagine you are mountain , the thoughts are clouds that touch the mountain peak. The mountain doesnt say oh nice a white cloud or no a dark cloud.... just observe and try to stay neutral. The space in between the clouds will become bigger and bigger and then its the time to observe this space in between... its all a process so allow yourself to take your time. I would also say dont only observe only the mind that way... also your breathing , emotions and bodily sensations and also allow the gravity to correct your body structure through relaxation.
  10. Primative Technology

    Preastronautics would say so! Hahahaha
  11. So Many Qigong Traditions : How To Approach ?

    The hexagram peace has heaven under earth... and whats also interesting that you also have the special case where the heaven hexagram turns into the earth hexagram when all lines are sixes.
  12. Santi for the lungs : but other organs ?

    I would also go for way of power. The dragon posture and holding down the tiger are very demanding and clearing.But i would also do the basics... because with enough practice time they also change a lot.And it is like they are all interrelated.
  13. Ghurni - Inner Whirling

    I think i experienced it during spontaneous qigong, where i also do a lot of circle walking.the feeling of being intoxicated and so much energy that it feels like the body becomes very light and moves by its own followed by the feeling that the body is spirit.
  14. Tongbei

    I experience things like that the whole time.i just practiced zhang zhung and sitting meditation.then sometimes spontaneous movements appeared.and sometimes its like like years later i understand that the stuff i am doing exists in other styles.
  15. Yi Gong/Kunlun/Spontaneous Qigong Questions

    I came into field of "spontaneous" "qigong" through practicing standing and sitting meditation.Since it started , like maybe 7 years ago i just stand or sit go into a certain meditative state and it starts by can be really intense and even a little overwhelming at some times but its like i always " get what i need ". Experienced some mystical experiences and altered states of mind that lasted also through the daytime.what i gained from it... nearly effortless power in daily activities, like walking, running, riding bycicle, doing my household, lifting objects. Mentally and emotionally states of clearer perception and a deep peace, appreciation for everything. During practice i experience all kinds of daoist practice like, circle walking and running, xinyi and taiji like movements, healing sounds, spontaneous mantras, drunken immortal like movements, hand seals, healing abilities ( in person and long distance ) .And yes as far as i understand neidan practice is also there . Maybe look into the personal discussion thread of my friend @Earl Grey .He is into spontaneous 5 animals qigong. In my personal practice you can also find some youtube clips doing spontaneous qigong.