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  1. In A Dream

    Maybe it is a collection of places that you have seen in real life. In dreams we usually mix up places. I have seen alot of places that resemble variious places, all mixup and mashed in together. Sometimes or usually when I remember a dream that I saw it tells a "tale" of becoming day. So I see or "emote" some of the days events in advance. One kind of precognition. Just need to translate all the symbolism from dreams. In our dreams all we see and hear is the emotions and not actual places. I have also seen myself swimming in some lakes etc. and drowned a couple of times too. I think that water symbolizes information, so you were swimming in a stream of information. Red color has its meaning as well as the mountains and buildings. One other thing I know for sure is that if one looses teeth or tooth it is an indication of stress for me atleast. Sometimes seen and felt my teeth explode in my mouth in a dream. In waking life the same or the next day had very angry feelings explosive in nature even. Also car symbolizes ones ego, and if one wrecks the car it usually means ego bruising. The bigger the car the bigger ego I think. I am not an expert, but I think that dog symbolizes some sort of a guardian, something that tells you not to pursue those "blue haired girls into the woods" or out of the woods to some trouble perhaps. Girl or woman symbolizes ones spiritual consciousness, for man that is, for woman the equivalent is obviously a man in a dream. Opposites and all. Usually that spiritual consciousness is an older and wiser person in a dream. Younger ones are likely something other, like archetypes. Anyhow, thats what I think of dreams and their symbolism.
  2. Cultivation must be built like physical strength. So I build it as much as I can when I can or keep it up, like I tend to keep up my physical strength to be healthy. I dont seem to care and want anything, not even enlightenment. I used to when I believed in some New Age religion, for a time, but since then I dont believe in any religion, because they revolve on the same circles over and over again. That same cycle goes for psychedelic drugs as well same "rollercoaster ride" different day, not amusing anymore for me. So I try to find new cycles to get into. By instinct do you mean animalistic instinct (A natural or inherent impulse or behaviour) or more of an intuitive reaction not based on rational conscious thought?
  3. I would disagree on the half way, since living being has its "roots" on both Yin and Yang sides of existence, material and anti-material/cosmic/spiritual realms. It is like Yin and Yang opposites of each other but never separated, if so life would not exist. I'm pretty sure that when material being dies its soul/mind just flips over to the "other side" of the same coin and exists there for some amount of space, because it is opposite to time whereas we on this side experience time, it goes on. It is only natural for the opposite side to have inversed forces etc. There is third body as well spirit in addition to material body and mind/soul body. Ego is in charge of protecting the body and is the body. I think it is unnecessary to state that if body gets to die so does the mind because it is not so, or atleast I think so, because if one builds enough of Shen which is conscious energy one can exist on a "higher level" of existence. Although one can live with chakra system that is "lit up" like a Christmas tree, but has more ailments, gets sick more etc. shorter life span than the one who has every "light" in their correct places. For one I dont care how and when I die, I just cultivate as much Shen I can for breaking the cycle of reincarnation/incarnation. Or atleast enough to reincarnate and then continue the cultivation process, with sufficient knowledge from current life. Evolution is the meaning of life, from natural point of view. Evolution of conscioussness would be for us humans, since we have evolved from animalistic state to a conscious state, so it is only natural to evolve more.
  4. I'm curious about the detection of the first level how can one tell that the LDT is full enough to begin level 2 training? Also I dont know about those other things, but Horse Stance did ring a bell so is it like doing a horse stance and breathing into lower abdomen and holding breath and clenching while bowing kind of. I saw this technique in this "chinese love making" video it is how I would imagine for it to happen, IMO. So I would like to hear about your way of doing it. Just to clarify I dont think I feel that I would have full LDT but trying to fill it up when ever I can meditate. Also I am training in "monk mode" just as a precaution, even if it would not be needed at this early stages.
  5. I think that Chi as intelligent bioenergy cannot be transmitted by any man-made "unnatural" device etc. However Chi can be transmitted through natural matter only. Shen on the otherhand is much faster going and "conscious" bioenergy that can go through anything and everything solid etc. All things natural does have Chi, Chi comes from nature so this conclusion is only natural for something living to not live in an unlivable environment. Its all the electromagnetism that inhibits or hinders the flow of Chi. All around us is more or less electrical equipment so in such areas Chi flows at its very lowest of amounts or not at all. This becoming from the earth and space of course. This is my view on this matter. I tend to keep my energy to myself, at least for the time being till I find something of value to project it to.
  6. Semen retention and sexual cultivation

    I do agree to the balancing things out, truthfully I do. Like wilfred said about it being good for some and not so good to others, I know this as well. Also I do this balancing out myself when it comes to my diet. I am "listening" my body and what it requires at any time, so I try to live with the need basis and dont buy much stuff that I dont need, i.e. sweets, carbonated beverages, etc. sugary stuff. I dont eat all raw food, basically cant even if I wanted to because of winter time, nothing grows this time of the year. And I dont like the fruits or some greenhouse grown vegetables that are more or less imported so I stick to seasonal food stuff. I go pick some bilberries in the summer and freeze some of them for winter. I know its not fresh, because of the freezing process, but it works nicely. I like to do curd/quark from strawberries (self picked from relatively nearby growers) and bilberries(self picked from the local forest), and I make it "to die for" at some times when getting the it in perfect balance. Sometimes its just good but other times its way too good. I also can make sweet and extremely hot mustard spiced with cognac, which everyone who has tasted liked very much of it. On another note what are the "five elements" you refer to?
  7. Semen retention and sexual cultivation

    I have to disagree on this thing. The reason for that quick aging is because of excessive alcohol use. Also other recreational drugs have effect of course. All the "dead" substances are the reason for aging rapidly. This is why they suggest natural raw diet even. If you boil your spring water it loses the lifeforce that it had for a moment there. Qi is gone from the moment when animate matter is being heated more than it can take, usually 100 C, where the water boils in normal pressure. Some other animate matter lose their "lifeforce"/Qi in lower temperatures even. I think that rockstars have stressful situations more than the other younger looking people. I think there are quite many factors to be accounted for in the aging process. The more one gets sick/ill the more "years" they lose from their life, I think. The saying "What doesnt kill you makes you stronger" is only half truth on this matter. Because if one is almost always ill there is high possibility that the individual has a diet in need of rapid change. So in conclusion I dont think sexual activity have so big of a role in the aging process, but the very diet. One needs chemicals in order to excrete chemicals, one needs energy in order to use the energy.
  8. The Busy Mind

    In last year I spontaneously took a trip to Lapland (approx. 800km from where I live) with some of my friends and didn't have internet in there nor even a computer. Just nature and a cottages, friends were fishing. On first day one friend broke his ankle and had to go to the nearest hospital (80km in one way) to check it out, few times even. Luckly my 19 year old car didn't have any troubles on that trip, never had anyhing like that done with it I mean. So if you want really to get out from all that stuff then I suggest take a week or two off from all that routine what you do in your home. Maybe go camping if you're into that sort of thing, regularly start going outside for a walk in the nearby forest. I am also a child from computer age, didn't have internet connection till I was in my late teens though. I am going to be 31 years of age later this year. But if anyone is younger there is a chance that they are even more addicted to techology than I am, that is seen in todays world where kids are always typing something on their phones etc.
  9. Neidan vs Qigong

    Not anymore, but once I think I was, years ago when I first started to meditate. Now I have much more to think about when meditating, but I might go ahead and try it again because I have had enough introspection (I think). Although to achieve that state would require some work nowadays. I remember that I went to a deep trance state for awhile where I didn't notice myself breathing at all when I suddenly woke up and took a big inhale. I think I remember that the video also told about that one would not notice the air going in the lungs but just from nose to the forehead, and this is what I remember noticing when meditating back then.
  10. Neidan vs Qigong

    This is exactly the same video that I first learned how to meditate, but it got lost and got found once and then lost again. Maybe this time it will stay on my list on youtube
  11. Neidan vs Qigong

    Yes Not really no. The book that I read is called "Nei Kung The Secret Teachings of the Warrior Sages - Danaos, Kosta". I finished it already, haven't got a chance to read the first one though. If you want to know more about this "pseudoscience" stuff I can give you a link to this other forum, which has more knowledge and knowing people in it than I. For the term pseudoscience I use because no scientist would never accept Chi or Shen into common science.
  12. Neidan vs Qigong

    Actually I have read about Nei kung from this certain book that no one in this forum wants to talk about at all, at least it seems that way, most likely they have already discussed about it more than they should have and so on. There are so many threads about so many different things in this site that I simply don't have enough time to go through of it all to get the "bigger picture". Because I am so late to join in to this site I have also read about this bioenergy as they call it in that "pseudoscience" place/site. Bioenergy is therefore all of those different kinds of energies Jing, Chi and Shen, however their speed ranges are different. Jing being kind of stupid energy with lowest speed (sub light). Chi/Qi is intelligent energy on middle speed range (light speed). Shen is conscious energy on ultra high speed range(over light speed). With raising ones own intelligence and awareness one can get more in touch with ones own Chi, which in turn one could transform into Shen and with that could "build" or enhance its own "spirit body". At least this is what I think of it, at the moment. We all live in a constant change so I can too change my mind on somethings. So in short I have no idea about most of the "Tao" discussions that you guys have in here since I haven't read any of the books about them. I have just some info from here and there, but I think I get the "bigger picture" or the conclusion of it all.
  13. Pain in prostate from stagnation?

    I would think it is true in the works that when you use your muscles they tend to keep up their health as well. Otherwise it will stop functioning properly, eventually. I have this old video called "Chinese Lovemaking Secrets Tantra And Tantric Sex Guide In English" in there they teach how to get longevity for having sex, by doing these certain daily exercises. Abdominal breathing is what I first learned from this video because it is the first one on it and second is to suck up testies and anus at the same time to get thos muscles into work. Don't actually know if it is keeping the cancer away but I think that is. Haven't done those exercises in a long time myself though. Somehow the interest just stopped.
  14. Neidan vs Qigong

    I am fairly new to some of these terms. So I would like to know how Neidan is different from Nei Kung/Nei gong. I know this Chinese fellow told me that the way we pronounce the word "kung/gong" defines how we write it down. From somewhere I read that "Dan" means "pot" and also energycenter/chakra etc. Does "Dan" have any other meanings like kung does when used in everyday speaking, like the chinese fellow told me that kung has multiple meanings, unlike in my language there are different meanings to different things like power, excersice etc.
  15. Qi cultivation and before that

    From what I understand about Chi/Qi is that the tree doesnt need to be of a specific genus, but big and old one it will hold alot of Chi, also if you want to cultivate Chi you should try to meditate under a big tree, but first you need to get permission to do it from the tree in a sense, just to make sure your intentions are pure and the tree will comply, otherwise it would be "stealing". Feeling the Chi is also a good way to search possible locations to meditate on. Chi flows in different places on the surface so, feeling is the only way to detect the richest spots. I dont have places either, but thats why internet is for I have been getting nice info on QiGong from Ken Cohen videos, either download em(piracy Yarrr) or try youtube. In Ken Cohen videos it is shown how to make "Qi Ball", it is very simple exercise, certain movements and breathing thats it, and (no) thinking.