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  1. Hi niveQ I know exactly what you are talking about. It happens to me sometimes after training when I relax on the couch. Its when yang energy accumulates in one area. Generally this will bridge to the same area on the other side of the body. It can cause the muscles to contract. Do you practise Qi Gong or other energy cultivation methods? You need to cool the energy down. Get some ice packs, lay down and put them near your body. not contacting tho. Generally between the body and the arms on either side, and one between the legs near the groin. Relax down and feel the coolness from the icepacks and try to absorb it into your energy field. It seems fun at first when you feel them, and can focus in to where you want to send the energy, but sometimes it can get really full on and can make sleeping hard when your limbs keep twitching. Try not to focus on the area its happening as it can make it worse.
  2. How does one become more sensitive?

    Hi euro It sounds like you are trying to do this by yourself. this is not a good idea, especially with practices like the orbits. There are particular things you need to take note of to do this properly, and if you don't, you are either going to get nowhere or get yourself into some trouble. Keep in mind that your better off training less and correctly. You'll get further than training more and incorrectly. I suggest getting a teacher. If after a year you cant feel it I would suggest you technique is not correct. There is more to it than just visualizing.
  3. qigong and sexual energy

    Hi dc9 I've been practising a pretty full on system of cultivation for almost 3 years now. The whole sexual thing was brought up early, but wasn't really a requirement at the time, but more of a warning that to progress is the later stages you would have to abstain. The 2 main reasons that were explained to me were: - Sexual energy is yang (hot) and using yang can be hard to control when you really start pumping chi thru, and have not had enough experience to control it. -Sex will deplete you of built up energy, and to get to the higher levels it is a fight against sexual urges to keep your energy within. If you build yin energy you can overcome these urges (there is enough energy in sex to create a life, that's how much you waste). If you can find someone who can teach you a yin form of energy, I would recommend going down that path. The yang energy will make your anxiety worse. From experience and someone who has never had anxiety issues, yang when building high levels will make your current anxiety attacks feel like nothing. It also brings on claustrophobic feelings at the same time, which lead to really scary panic attacks. Keep the energy cool, and you can build more, because the side effects don't happen. Its quite the opposite really, you can keep yourself feeling euphoric on demand when building yin. Very helpful in a lot of situations, and you will actually attract people, because they can feel your good cool energy, even tho they may not realise this is the cause. A lot of people build Yang energy because they get into this stuff due to an interest in martial arts, and to be able to affect someone for self defence you need yang energy (destructive), where as Yin is more of a healing energy. If you can build and use Yin, you will have no problems bringing the Yang out of you when required. Your 20 min meditation is great for balancing out your energy thru your body, but is an extremely slow method for cultivation. You need specialised exercises for this. Not something you'll find in a book, and is hard to find a quality teacher, but you need one. Don't do it without one. When shit gets rough, you need someone that can help you, and a doctor wont cut it. I know its hard to find someone good, or that you know is the real deal but that's the game mate. Don't kid yourself, if you cant really feel the energy between your palms after the first year, your either not training enough or incorrectly, or the teachers not what they claim. I wish you the best of luck.
  4. What would you tell your 20 year old self?

    Dump that crazy bitch! Pull your head out your ass and learn something about yourself.
  5. Here's another burning question

    We all share the same road, but we are all driving different cars. Only one person can drive a car at a time, but we can sit in the backseat and see what the driver is doing.
  6. Russell Brand

    Hi Tao Bum Thanks for sharing. He's definitely a pretty smart guy, and definitely awake to the things around him, and who he is. I read an interesting study on comedians where they questioned a whole bunch of comedians from Australia, UK & USA and found that the majority of them displayed signs of psychotic behaviour and the majority of them believed in the paranormal. I'm starting to think psychotic is scientific language for 'open minded'. If you believe in Chi, you'll probably get thrown into the same basket. Comedians are very quick thinkers, and very intellectual, this is very evident in all Russell's work, on stage or on TV or on the fly. Maybe all those people that have been written off as 'crazy' are actually the smart ones, and were just not smart enough to realise that yet!
  7. What are you listening to?

    Incubus - Morning View
  8. what is reality and what is illusion ?

    Wow. I love threads like this. This question is interesting, and if you look at it from a scientific view through theories such as 'schrodingers cat' (quantum theory), it can be said that the tree is neither standing or fallen, but is both (or just is), until of course, an observer causes a collapse of the wave function. So I guess it is both!
  9. Kudos Its hard to say unless you know they are for real. If they are for real, then why not? You have to understand the effort people go to achieve these abilities. I am a Chi practitioner for healing, and not only do you have to do the training everyday, but you are also constantly dealing with the energy all day having to keep it under control. They most likely have been doing this for many, many years, and like you need to have a life too. If you could do what they could would you not charge too? Obviously other medications and solutions you have tried have not helped your issue. Another solution is to learn to heal yourself. Most people don't want to put in the time and effort, not only training, but finding a proper teacher. This isn't an easy thing to do by any means. If I knew this guy had a good rep, and maybe some happy customers, Id be happy to pay the $1000. Don't worry about the money, worry about the results. Best luck Chi_Ozguy
  10. First Post: Discovering Mo Pai Nei Kung

    Hi NeiKung I assume you want to learn Mo Pai as a result of seeing the incredible feats achieves by John Chang. They sure are incredible, but Mo Pai is not the only way there. I have been fortunate enough to have teachers who can perform similar abilities. Im going to let you in on some truths of these kind of 'hard styles'. - To achieve a level where you are capable of these feats is at minimum about 5-10 years (with the best teachers), if you even get to that level. - You must be incredibly committed to training, Minimum of 2hrs a day, everyday, unless you have overloaded your energy an need to allow it to dissipate. - No sex. It will affect your training, and your general well being. - The side effects are not fun. From overheating, to headaches to severe kidney pain. And the physical effects are not even nearly as bad as the emotional, especially the panic attacks. It will affect everyone around you, and your relationship with them. This is caused by the heat factor, and the burning of you pheromones. This is why a lot of practitioners (monks) are secluded in monasteries away from people and our sexualised society. Sex = heat. Heat = destruction. Not trying to scare you, but they are a reality you should prepare for. I've been training for about 3 years and have been thru some of the bad side of things, and not even to the extremes a lot of people have (read about chi deviation syndrome). I can assure you, its not fun, and there is no doctor that can help you. You need to make sure you have a good teacher, because if it gets out of control, you are going to need someone there that can actually do something about it. I wish you the best of luck. Be safe. Don't do it for the power. Do it for the knowledge. Oz_Chiguy

    Hahaha. Nice work Zoom. I assume you've been researching UFO's for a while. And having said that, I would assume you would understand the reactions you have gotten on this thread. I spent years researching too, and I know how hard it is to get people to believe/understand. There is a great deal of knowledge on the subject all over the net. People just don't want to look because it would scare the s**t out of them to find out that they were wrong all this time. Its an ego thing. They treat you like you are crazy. Even though you have probably spent a lot of time researching, and they have probably read nothing. But YOU are apparently the crazy one, making an educated statement based on REAL data and info. I know how it goes all too well. Thanks for posting. Don't listen to the criticism or try to convince them. No matter how many people saw it, or how much real evidence there is, its always 'fake', and the explanations they provide as to how/why it is faked are usually crazier than the notion of it being a UFO. Makes people feel good about themselves to think your crazy and not that they've been duped by the people who they ASSUME to tell them the truth. Once again, thanks for the post.
  12. Hello from Oz_Chiguy

    Hi All As you have probably gathered from my screen name, I am a chi practitioner who lives in Australia (currently an advanced practitioner). I got interested in chi through my studies in paranormal phenomena, and a curiosity of the unknown. I have a very scientific approach to all of my studies, and had I not had scientific validation, and now experience in chi, I probably would have put the idea of chi in the same basket as the tooth fairy. I have wonderful Sifu's who have guided me well and their ability has not only been verified scientifically, but is evident through every interaction with them. They can change you from a bad to a good mood quicker than you can remember why you were in the bad mood in the first place. Although I am more than happy to discuss what I have learnt (and experienced), and what they have taught me about myself, I am not happy to talk about who my teachers are. I feel no need to prove anything to anyone. You can either listen to me, or ignore me, but I assure you it takes one to listen for one to learn. I look forward to discussing in a community of like minded people. Many thanks Oz_Chiguy