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  1. Taoist Mystical practices

    What are some of the supernatural powers that you can acquire through Taoist Mystical practices? I am just curious, do these abilities have to do with the psyche or are they physical? I have heard that physical flight and the ability to appear places by willpower are a couple. Is this true? Master Li, the head of Falun Gong has claims of being able to speak with extraterrestrials who are fighting over whether or not to "harvest" humanity, along with being able to fly and appear anywhere he wants in an instant. And those are just the simplest of his abilities supposedly. Please do not answer if you are just going to ask for proof or ridicule the question. If you need proof of where I got the info about falun gong, just google "falun gong".
  2. 1. A student's friends have tried smoking pot and are trying to get them to start. 2. A student has just found $100 in the hall 3. A student knows that a friend is cheating on tests 4. A student sees an opportunity to take something they have really wanted, without being caught
  3. Can I become a Taoist?

    I do find the ideas beautiful and wise and they soothe me. I am not a strict sexual moralist or even monogamist. I do like the odd drink, no drugs. Very little drink though. I like my footy, and irrevernce and can have a temper, not be too earnest, bit arrogant at times, a lot of westerners like me.Am I to western/arrogant to be a Taoist, do I need to be more saintly, or is it just enough to feel a lot of the teaching wise and profound anf feel them deep.
  4. Do Taoists get angry?

    It's been said that when a Buddhist is angry, he knows he's angry! So what about Taoists? What is this like? How do you feel? How does your anger affect you? Is your thinking affected, e.g. can you think clearly? How are you able to handle your anger? How does this compare with before you became Taoist?
  5. Is there any difference between Taoist meditation and Zen meditation? If yes, I shall be gretefull if someone please explain it.
  6. what's left?

    Acording to Taoist teachings, one's purpose should be to reach a state where all earthly attachements are gonne, to become a void. If so, after reaching said state, what's left? Just peace? How is someone who has done it?
  7. The five colors blind the eyes of man; The five musical notes deafen the ears of man; The five flavors dull the taste of man; Horse-racing, hunting and chasing madden the minds of man; Rare, valuable goods keep their owners awake at night. Therefore the Sage: Provides for thebelly and not the eye. Hence, he rejects the one and accepts the other. What is the point of this verse? What is Lau Tzu implying by "he rejects the one and accepts the other?"
  8. What are the differences between the two lifestyle paths? Did the founders of each live in the same era? How do they view the soul, and life after death? What are their views on the Judeo-Christian God and Jesus? How do they view The Buddha? What are their places of worship/learning?
  9. afterlife!

    what do you think happens in the afterlife. do you think people find peace there; what about all the suffering that's going here, on earth; do they feel it. thanx
  10. A question for taoists

    I am giving a report on taoism and i would like to know what the basic philosophy of taoism is from someone who is a practicing taoist. For example, what are the right and wrongs in your religion? Do you worship or meditate? How did the world come to be? What happens after you die?
  11. Sikhism

    Is Sikhism an off shoot of Islam? or Hinduism? Or both? How does one copy and paste from two opposite ends of the spectrum and make a new religion, how is this possible?
  12. Dont give up!

    Don’t ever give up. Even when it seems impossible, Something will always pull you through. The hardest times get even worse when you lose hope. As long as you believe you can do it, You can. But When you give up, You lose !
  13. deleting post

    what is the procedure to delete any of my post in the forum?
  14. link in signature

    can i include any link in my signature?