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  1. The most interesting thing that sets me apart from any person i've ever spoken with is I remember the moment free will was given to me. I was 4 years old, walking to my baby sitters house. I seen myself from high up in the sky, then in a blink I was much closer, then in a blink i was in my body and that moment didn't cling to my mind until I was probably 12-14 when I first mentioned it to friends. I had numerous out of body experiences as a child when dreaming but didn't know it til these days now that I am involved with meditation. The top-down chakric thing makes sense because if I put my mind on the top of my head I can feel the "beam" from the top of my head solidly and that too is something i've noticed since I was younger but didn't know what it was. I remember one of the first times I intently meditated I felt either my solar plexus or navel chakra spinning and it was very interesting which was an experienced that told me to continue practicing. But as for the bringing the fire energy down when it ascends, do you mean to bring it down the functional channel or down the governing channel? Or to completely think about the fire in the whole orbit? Oh an the "silence has it sound" thing I find super interesting cause I hear a hum, meditation or not, when in silence or semi-silence. It sounds like the mysterious taos hum and I mentioned I meditated to a binaural of something as similar to it that caused my mind to like tap into another frequency and a tunnel.
  2. I have gotten a grasp with what is going on with me through the responses received..again thank you. Gerard, you provided some very useful links thank you. And as for the response given by horus, yes I keep the tongue at roof of mouth, being outside sitting in grass didn't provide a huge difference in practice. I honestly don't do still sitting meditation outside because the bugs that land on me or fly near me distract me way too much. But next spring I will get a tent for that purpose cause it's something I want to do more often. I spent a month doing daily meditations outside in a quiet and reserved area near my home over spring time and I felt a stronger connection in my crown, oddly, maybe?
  3. I dont have a destination set, I just want to continue to learn. is my point of view wrong or should there be a destination, or goal, set in regards to meditation and energy cultivation? Anything surrounding meditation and the energy cultivation process seriously intrigues me because since my own personal experience mentioned on my introduction post. Then when I began to practice qigong, which was roughly a couple years after I began sitting/laying meditation, I began to understand a deeper sense of energy I guess i'll call it because I began to consciously feel it. I began to feel the pulse of my blood strengthen at first and it turned into other sorts of feelings which don't feel bad, aside of the short headache thing which subsided after I changed the way in which I practiced. Aside of my original reason for posting my experience....I also always thought to did the original person learn about these things? They didn't have a teacher except for their own intuition and insight through what i'd call astral projection and interaction with what seemed to be other entities. Also, through documentation of my dreams and a very good friend of mine who passed away many years ago, I noticed that once in a while there is a sort of influenced involved once in awhile which seems to be trying to teach you something or let you know about something.
  4. Through research I have come arcross things about the consequences of improper energy practices during meditation but what exactly are the consequences if what I am doing feels correct deep down intuitively?
  5. About 4 months ago I incorporated reverse breathing while pulling up the perineum and sphincter muscles on consecutive inhales for a good chunk of my practice. After about 2 weeks of doing this, I noticed an obvious energy accumulation in my lower dan tien and why I noticed this is because of serious heat in that particular area on exhales. This particular sensation was weak prior to this new breathing technique. At that point im thinkin that i'm doing something right as far as energy gathering goes. Then when I would do mco meditations it really became obvious because this heat would clearly start in my lower dan tien then travel up my back feeling like a fire inside me and how a fire kinda waves around ya know and come to my forehead. But after my 3rd month of this practice I began to get these mild headaches during my practice. So what I decided to do was when I would do my inhales, I would put my full focus on only my bottom area around the perineum and not "flex my mind" as I would describe and the headache issue subsided, but it kind of lingers around at times very, very mildly. This doesn't exactly worry me since I feel like this is probably a symptom of energy blockages being cleared up cause I am a person whom does not suffer migraines or headaches....ever. Anyways, I began to feel like a sensation and it feels really weird/good at the moment of squeezing the perineum. Then one day not long ago I was reverse breathing for a few minutes without squeezing the muscles, but focusing on the lower dan tien and really feeling deep inside and I felt this seriously odd tingle that literaly went from my belly button on the inside and traveled to about my scrotum. Since then I feel something kind of similar to it if I really focus down there while doing breathing exercises. I am curious to know if what I am experiencing is on a right track. I figure it must be but I dont have a teacher, wish I did, however at this moment in my life i don't really have the means to get out and meet other like minded individuals or join in on mediation groups yet. Thank you for reading my post and especially for the responses.
  6. Meditation changed my life completely

    As a youngin, I enjoyed meditating without even realizing it until I intently meditated 3 years ago. I immediately found great interest in the experience. My first couple years I would sit or lay down for meditation. I expanded my meditation practices a little over a year ago to standing and moving forms of meditation because of an experience I had one day which was amazing and profound to me. It began with a sound I noticed the moment I opened my eyes after meditating. The best description for this sound was a diesel truck idling a couple houses down from my house, but after this very same sound appearing coincidentally the moment I opened my eyes after meditating each day, I started checking everything in my house that could be making the noise or looking outside for something going on. After realizing nothing external was making this sound, I decided one day to meditate to a binaural beat as similar to this sound as I could find. This was my first time using a binaural beat as I hadn't heard of them until I was researching things related to this sound I was hearing and only a couple minutes into this binaural beat meditation I was suddently inside of a green/purple tunnel and it was so clearly visual and real that I had opened my eyes which ended the visual very fast cause I couldn't believe what had just happened. It was unlike anything i had ever experienced before or since. It kinda bugs me at times why this happened that one time since, and that was about a year and a half ago. I now wish I had stuck with it to see where the tunnel was to lead me to yet maybe it wasn't trying to lead me nowhere but rather a message to expand my practice because since beginning the practice of qigong, I definitely feel the energy in me moving, gathering and other symptoms of energy cultivation. My dreams also have become much clearer, life-like and controlled by me since I expanded my practice. But yeah thats my introduction.